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company news about what is tripod turnstile gate?

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what is tripod turnstile gate?
Latest company news about what is tripod turnstile gate?

Tripod turnstile gate access control system to promote joint management of construction enterprises

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At present, in places with a large flow of people such as enterprises, factories or scenic spots, the commonly

used entrance and exit management method is the access control gate system, also known as the speed gate

and the pedestrian passage gate, which is a new type of security management system. Through long-distance identification and rapid passage, it solves the difficulty of accurate and effective determination of personnel identity, and provides convenience for daily management. It has played a vital role in the safety regulations of some important public places, such as office buildings, schools, factories, customs, scenic spots, exhibition halls, supermarkets, government agencies and other occasions may use access gates, today I will talk about tripod turnstile gate.




tripod turnstile gate is also called three-bar gate, three-bar gate, tripod turnstile gate, roller gate, rolling gate. The gate rod is composed of three metal rods to form a space triangle. The standard rod length is 1250px. The gap of the rod can only accommodate one person. It is suitable for single To control the flow of people in one direction or two directions, the most difficult thing to control in the access control is the trailing phenomenon, which cannot be accurately managed. Through the cooperation of the access control and the tripod turnstile gate, the security and reliability are relatively high. Generally, a hollow and closed stainless steel tube is used, which is sturdy and not easy to deform. It can block and release through rotation. It is the earliest gate type and the most mature and perfect so far. The tripod turnstile gate access control system is generally used for blocking requirements. It is widely used in the attendance system of factories, the consumption system of public institutions, the access control management of communities, the ticket checking system of scenic spots and other venues, and the attendance system management of construction sites, etc.


latest company news about what is tripod turnstile gate?  1

According to the actual needs of specific occasions, the tripod turnstile gate machine can be configured with different identification systems, ID card, IC card, barcode, palm shape, fingerprint, iris, etc. The tripod turnstile gate adopts the vertical drop rod method, and can be formed when the brake rod is dropped. Barrier-free pedestrian passages facilitate the evacuation of personnel in emergency situations and provide a guarantee for passage safety. tripod turnstile gate access control system, using electromagnet control, long life and high stability, efficient anti-tailing, supports various IC/ID card readers, ID card readers, face recognition terminals, etc., easy to connect with access control systems, widely used It is applied to the entrance and exit control of CBD business center, government and enterprise office buildings, high-end residential areas, kindergartens, etc.

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