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company news about What functions can the conference check-in self-service gate system realize?

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What functions can the conference check-in self-service gate system realize?
Latest company news about What functions can the conference check-in self-service gate system realize?

Do you see this happening? Before the start of the meeting, after successful registration, the participants need to upload their face data first. When the guests arrive at the scene, they no longer need to queue up at the sign-in office to receive paper cards. As long as they enter the meeting normally, they can pass through the smart gate to verify and enter the meeting at any time. The identity of the personnel and the conference sign-in self-service gate are verified by face recognition or identification code and background data. If the verification is successful, the gate can be opened. If the verification fails, the gate will not be opened. In the past, entering the meeting was manually verified, because the large flow of people would bring some work pressure, and it was obvious to use, which made the sign-in of the convention and exhibition center more convenient and efficient.


Selection of self-service gates: tripod gates, swing gates, wing gates, etc.

Conference sign-in self-service gate system - can realize face recognition or RFID card sign-in function

With the improvement of face recognition technology, the accuracy of recognition has also been continuously improved, and it has been applied in various fields. Face recognition meeting sign-in, effectively avoiding the attendance of non-invited people, maintaining the order of the meeting place, completing self-recognition in a short time, avoiding crowding and confusion caused by long-term stays, and improving work efficiency.


Conference sign-in self-service gate system - can display welcome words on a large screen

The meeting sign-in gate can also be used in conjunction with the large screen. When the meeting participants pass the gate, the green indicator lights up. At the same time, after connecting with the large screen, you can set some welcome words and other information in the background, so that the independent settings can be reflected in the welcome words Company's service characteristics. When unauthorized personnel enter the gate channel, the red light will be on and a warning will be given, which will help the staff to strictly control and ensure the order of the entire convention and exhibition center.


Conference sign-in gate system - can realize self-service body temperature detection

In addition to the basic functions, there may be some special requirements such as temperature measurement, so the gate can be combined with a non-contact real-name temperature measurement module to realize long-distance, large-flow human body temperature measurement and identity recognition access control management. The use of different authorization methods is to identify and open the gate, the gate is successfully verified and the gate is opened. Once a person with abnormal body temperature or inconsistent identity information is found, the system will automatically alarm.

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