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company news about The working principle and use place of the speed gate?

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The working principle and use place of the speed gate?
Latest company news about The working principle and use place of the speed gate?

The application of speed gates in my country began in the 1980s. As the main device of the "automatic ticket gate" in the "Automatic Ticket Checking System AFC", the express gate is also the current Chinese understanding of the express gate. In the late 1990s, speed gates gradually appeared in ordinary civil and commercial occasions, including shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, scenic spots and residential areas, and became an important part of modern access control.


latest company news about The working principle and use place of the speed gate?  0

1. Introduction to the working principle of the speed gate:

According to the different control methods of the speed gate movement, it is divided into mechanical type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. Some manufacturers will refer to the semi-automatic type as the electric type, and the fully automatic type as the automatic type. The mechanical type is to control the operation of the blocking body (connected to the movement) by manpower, and the stop of the movement is controlled by the mechanical limit. The semi-automatic type uses electromagnets to control the movement and stop of the movement. The fully automatic type is controlled by the motor to run and stop the movement. By controlling the operation and stop of the movement, the opening and closing of the blocking body are further controlled. According to the difference in the number of movements and blocking bodies contained in the same speed gate, the speed gate can be divided into single movement (including 1 movement and 1 blocking body) and double movement (including 2 movements and 2 The blocking body, in the form of left and right symmetry). According to the different blocking bodies and blocking methods of the speed gate, it can be divided into three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, turnstiles, translation gates, one-way gates, etc., all of which are collectively referred to as speed gates.


2. the introduction of the use of the speed gate:


As a channel management device, the function of the speed gate is to realize that only one person can pass through by blocking and releasing. Its application object is pedestrians (including carried luggage and bicycles, etc.), and the application is the entrance and exit, but as an intelligent channel management system Part of the speed gate can be used with other systems for different special occasions, so as to play a greater role. At present, the common systems supporting the express door are the access control system and the ticketing system. In the access control system, the blocking method is the electric control door, but the door cannot effectively realize that only one person can pass through it at a time, and due to the limitation of structure and shape, the use occasions are relatively limited; switching to the speed gate can solve these problems, especially in buildings or Entrance and exit of a closed geographical area, very suitable for using speed gate as the blocking mechanism of the access control system. Such as intelligent buildings, enterprise parks, communities, factories, prisons, etc.


The relationship between the ticket checking part of the ticketing system and the express gate is inseparable. As long as it is non-manual automatic ticket checking, the express gate is inseparable. Two typical application types are rail transit and electronic tickets. The express gate is no longer regarded as an independent product, but is classified as a part of the automatic ticket gate; electronic tickets mainly refer to the entrance automatic ticket gate used for various paid visit and entertainment occasions, including playgrounds, scenic spots, gymnasiums, skiing venues, entertainment venues, etc.

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