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company news about Smart access control gates can meet the needs of different scenarios

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Smart access control gates can meet the needs of different scenarios
Latest company news about Smart access control gates can meet the needs of different scenarios

With the development of society and economy, everyone will often notice the presence of smart access control gates, which change with changes in market demand, and then customize smart access control solutions for customers on the basis of understanding the needs. In order to achieve the individuation, functionalization, experiential, digital and intelligent construction required by the scene.


latest company news about Smart access control gates can meet the needs of different scenarios  0

1. Smart community

Access control in smart communities is generally installed at the main entrance or side entrance. Outdoor use must meet the needs of ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, anti-sunshine interference, anti-condensation, etc., and meet the common use of pedestrians, baby carriages, bicycles, wheelchairs, and small carts. Scenario solution: outdoor swing gate, wing gate.


2. Smart buildings

Smart buildings are generally installed at the entrances and exits of indoor lobbies or floors. There are many people at the entrances and exits. The entry and exit of internal employees, staff, visitor couriers, takeaway personnel, etc. are controlled. Only specified personnel are allowed to enter and exit specific areas.

Scenario solutions: swing gates, wing gates, and translational gates, using face recognition, QR code or access control card recognition.


3. Smart factory

Most of the smart factories are installed at the gate of the factory, with a large flow of people, high mobility, and people and non-motorized vehicles passing together. The gates can withstand accidental impact and meet the requirements of outdoor use: ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, anti-condensation, anti-sunshine interference, etc. . Scenario solution: swing gate, wing gate, full-height turnstile.


4. Public transportation The characteristics of public transportation places are ultra-high flow of people, high-frequency use during peak periods, fast response, high stability, high safety performance, and high safety performance. Scenario solution: swing gate, speed gate, wing gate


5. Smart Campus Campus turnstiles are generally used at school gates, dormitory gates or libraries, gymnasiums, etc. To meet the common traffic of people and bicycles, outdoor installation still needs to meet the requirements of ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, anti-sunshine interference, and anti-condensation. It is used to control the entry and exit of teachers, students, staff, visitors, couriers, and takeaway personnel. Record the passing information of all people, understand the students' work, rest and study situation by knowing the students' entry and exit time, so as to better supervise the students' study and healthy life. Scenario solutions: wing gates, swing gates, translational gates, speed gates


In addition to the above scenarios, it can also meet the needs of government agencies, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, stadiums, leisure venues and other scenarios.


Guodian Intelligent provides a full range of access control system solutions for schools, scenic spots, office buildings, hospitals, high-speed rail stations, stadiums and other scenarios. It is a comprehensive business entity enterprise integrating sales, production and installation. Welcome friends to consult and cooperate!



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