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company news about Rural access control gate management system installation

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Rural access control gate management system installation
Latest company news about Rural access control gate management system installation

For a long time, the large base of migrant workers, strong mobility, and difficulty in information collection have been the pain points in the management of "rural" public security. The living environment in rural areas is relatively complex, and people live in scattered areas. It is difficult for the limited police force to collect real-time data on the floating population in the area. This makes it difficult to grasp the living conditions of some groups of villagers.


latest company news about Rural access control gate management system installation  0


In order to alleviate the concerns of the villagers and let more villagers in Lijia Village support the installation of the intelligent access control system, the police coordinated with the village cadres to conduct door-to-door visits, and asked the villagers to enter the information at the village committee. The gate access control system is a combination of authentication system software such as intelligent channel gates, face recognition machines, and security inspection equipment. This system is used for staff access control, real-time monitoring, security and anti-theft, etc. It is often used in the control of entry and exit of various places, which is convenient for managing the entry and exit of people and prevents outsiders from entering.


The gate access control system belongs to the one-card type, with the CPU processor as the core controller, the information collector and the electric control lock as the auxiliary to form a complete control network. According to the loading and reading information content, the automatic control system of the gate is completed. The traditional gate access control system usually uses id and ic cards for management. With the development of science and technology, witness verification, scanning code verification, face recognition verification and other methods have been added to the entire gate access control system, combined with three rollers. Import and export management methods such as gates, swing gates, and wing gates have improved the intelligent management of the access control system.


The construction of intelligent access control management system not only escorts the safety of enterprises, but also adds color to the realization of intelligent management of enterprises. It is an important part of enterprise development and management under the current social background.

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