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company news about How to configure the gate control system of the factory gate?

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How to configure the gate control system of the factory gate?
Latest company news about How to configure the gate control system of the factory gate?

How to configure the access control of the gate gate of the factory area?

In addition to the configuration of gate selection for large-scale parks and other gates, it also includes the configuration of access methods. Generally, IC, ID cards, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition used by the internal card system are used, and the required functions are adopted according to different areas. "Swiping card and face outside the yellow line, etc., one card for one person, tailgating and reverse traffic are prohibited." Swiping a valid card can only pass one person at a time, and pedestrians behind are prohibited from passing in an unauthorized way. In the standby state of the gate for personnel access, pedestrians give the gate an incoming or outgoing legal door opening signal when entering or exiting, the gate swing opens, pedestrians enter the passage, then the gate swing closes and automatically returns to the blocking zero position. Pedestrians give multiple door-opening signals in the same direction, and the gate access control system will memorize all passing requests and complete each door-opening action in turn. If it is two-way traffic on the same passage, pedestrians in the direction of entry and exit can only pass by swiping their cards in sequence, and cannot pass at the same time or in opposite directions.


latest company news about How to configure the gate control system of the factory gate?  0


The entrance and exit scene display of the gate gate access control system in the factory area

1. Choosing a reasonable gate configuration management scheme can improve the efficiency of entry and exit, and check the clock-in and attendance data at any time. For example, there are many internal employees in steel, petroleum and petrochemical enterprises. , in order to solve attendance and entry and exit statistics, the scheme of outdoor access control turnstiles combined with attendance has been continuously applied. In particular, the installation of outdoor face recognition and temperature measuring gates can realize non-inductive passage, high recognition rate and fast passage speed. At the same time, combined with large-screen display, real-time broadcast of name, body temperature, attendance status, etc. Ensure that leaders can obtain data in real time, which is convenient for attendance analysis and improves work efficiency.


2. The separate authorization management of complex personnel in large factories is clear. Especially in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, contractors and outsourced personnel are usually involved. Personnel management is more complicated. In order to improve safety, it is necessary to specialize management and authorize the access control system separately. Therefore, it is possible to install access control gates in different operating areas in the factory area. Effectively solve many similar problems. Realize the unified management of internal employees and reduce the management cost of outsourced personnel in the park.


3. The channel of the intelligent visitor system to the access control gate can be accurately traced. Traditional visitor management is mainly based on paper registration methods, which is not conducive to the identity verification of visitors, and manual statistics are easy to lose and inconvenient to query. Therefore, for enterprises with more than 10,000 people, visitor management is also a top priority, because the gates are modular in design, and the face-face access control visitor system is linked with hardware, which can conveniently carry out body temperature detection and health code for visitors. For verification, identification, information registration, etc., the gates can be opened by giving a signal to open the gate through the gate or making an appointment online in advance with the verification of the second-generation certificate of the QR code. Enterprise security management. At the same time, it records detailed visit time, department and other information to improve the safety of visitors in and out, and to help the construction of smart parks.


Large-scale factories have high requirements for personnel management, and there are many requirements for personnel management and safety management. They need to provide access management solutions for different enterprises, and are committed to providing enterprises with intelligent and humanized management environment with modern technology to help the industry. construction.



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