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company news about How does speed turnstile gates work?

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How does speed turnstile gates work?
Latest company news about How does speed turnstile gates work?

Material, sturdiness and appearance design

(1), material The AN210 is manufactured from high standard, high quality materials. The door body is made of 304 stainless steel surface material. Top plate is brushed stainless steel. The door wing baffle is 12mm acrylic material (plexiglass plate).


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(2), firmness AN210 provides a mounting base for fixing the door body and adjusting the level. All lines enter the door body through the base. The top plate of the door body and the guard plate on the side can be disassembled, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. Use clean water or stainless steel cleaning agent to clean the door from time to time and adhere to the necessary maintenance every year to keep the system in good working condition. The standard channel weight is 85kg, with strong impact resistance and certain damage resistance.

(3), appearance design The design of AN210 is very modern, the product design is fine, the shape is beautiful, it is the perfect combination of artistic design and mechanical manufacturing. The box body of the product is elongated and the two ends of the box are curved design, without any corners that can cause personal injury. The upper end of the glass door wing is a rectangular design, which can adapt to the style requirements of different environments. The design of double swing wings makes each door wing baffle more compact, and driven by a special drive motor, the operation is more stable and fast.


3. Working principle

(1) Authorized passage The swipe card authorization light turns green and the door wing opens 90 degrees. The sensor detects that the user enters the passage and the door wing quickly closes and locks.

2), multi-authorized access 3 users are authorized to queue for entry Pass light turns green Door wings open 90 degrees Sensors detect users after the last user has passed the passage, the door wings quickly close and lock

(3) Unauthorized personnel pass through The user is not authorized to enter the channel, the access indicator turns red, the door wing remains closed, and the indicator flashes with an alarm. The unauthorized user exits the channel (4) Access to authorized personnel in both directions User A is authorized first (User B's authorization is stored) The traffic lights in both directions are red. User B exits the channel. User A's side traffic lights turn green. A opens user B through the rear door wing at 180 degrees to the direction of B's passage. This can be re-closed by user B through the rear door wing to wait for the next authorization.


(5) Unauthorized persons entering the passage in the opposite direction When an unauthorized user enters the channel from the opposite direction, the sensor detects that the door of the unauthorized user is closed or the unauthorized user exits the channel with the alarm, the alarm state is canceled, and the channel enters the standby mode and waits for the next valid authorization.

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