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company news about Do you know how to properly use and maintain the speed gate?

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Do you know how to properly use and maintain the speed gate?
Latest company news about Do you know how to properly use and maintain the speed gate?

Everyone must think that I am very LOW, such a simple question (how to use and maintain the speed gate correctly?) is still used here! The normal way of passing, swiping the card - opening the speed gate door - passing, the normal maintenance method wipes the appearance of the speed gate, but it is not the case, the use of the speed gate is very particular, and the speed gate is also integrated with many functions , and the maintenance treatment of the speed gate wipes the appearance, and also tests and maintains the accessories. The following Xiaobian will talk about the use and maintenance of the speed gate in detail.


latest company news about Do you know how to properly use and maintain the speed gate?  0


First, the correct way to use the speed gate:

1. When the speed gate passes through, the red light of the indicator light is on, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze or push the wing gate, so as not to affect the normal operation of the speed gate;

2. When passing through the speed gate, when the indicator light is green, please pass within 6 seconds to avoid being injured by the speed gate wing;

3. It is recommended not to expose the speed gate to the open air, damp or corrosive environment, so as not to affect the service life of the speed gate due to rain, moisture and corrosion. When choosing a speed gate, it is suggested to choose an outdoor model;

4. The identity authentication and identification of the express door. At present, there are common card swiping, fingerprint, face swiping, etc. in the market. No matter what kind of identification, the background will compare the identity of the pass to the database. If the comparison information is inconsistent, the express door will not be released. Sound and light alarm, traffic information upload server, video linkage tracking;

5. The college apartment express door also has the function of multi-platform docking. For example, it is linked with the electronic control of the college apartment. "When people leave the dormitory, the power is cut off, and when people return, the power supply is automatically supplied", which reduces the invalid power consumption and ensures the safety of the college apartment. 6. When the speedway door fails, stop using it and contact the maintenance company (doorway Baifenbai) for maintenance.


Second, the maintenance method of the speed door:

1. For external cleaning and maintenance, use a soft cloth to clean the surface dust, which can make the exterior of the chassis as bright as new. If conditions permit, you can apply anti-rust oil (note: do not wipe with your hands when you just apply it, the anti-rust oil penetrates for 3 hours), pay special attention to prevent It is forbidden to apply rust oil on the infrared radiation part, otherwise it will cause abnormal infrared induction;

2. The quick-pass door is normally opened, but there will be a slamming sound when it is opened or closed. Please check whether the screws of the door panel are loose, the proximity switch, and the terminals of the main control board, and check one by one;

3. For the maintenance of the movement, clean the internal dust, especially the gears and gear grooves, apply lubricant or butter to enhance lubrication, and check the looseness of each fastener inside the speed gate and the looseness of the connecting rod. , find the problem and strengthen it in time; check the solenoid valve spool, add lubricant or butter, moderate.

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