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company news about Why are smart pedestrian gates widely used?

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Why are smart pedestrian gates widely used?
Latest company news about Why are smart pedestrian gates widely used?

A smart pedestrian gate is a passage blocking device used to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian travel. I believe that everyone has now found that intelligent pedestrian gates are becoming more and more common in our lives. The daily travel of the subway, access to some administrative buildings, scenic spots, and even many daily living quarters have installed intelligent pedestrian gates, and some need to be installed. Swipe the card, some need to scan the QR code, some face recognition to enter, etc. So why intelligent pedestrian gates can be used more and more widely, let's analyze it together today.


latest company news about Why are smart pedestrian gates widely used?  0



The first is that the intelligent pedestrian crossing gate can gradually replace the traditional manual labor, and realize the integrated management of pedestrian access management, inspection and order maintenance. Reduced the personnel expenditure on the entry management part of the enterprise operation team as a whole. At the same time, because of its intelligent operation, it can greatly improve the user's passing speed, improve the user's satisfaction, and avoid customer complaints caused by different levels of service personnel.


Secondly, the intelligent pedestrian gate has many intelligent functions, such as a variety of alarm modes, which can prevent illegal intrusion, prevent reverse intrusion, and infrared double-layer anti-pinch function. These functions can improve the security in the area and ensure the safe passage of users. Because of the diversification of management modes, managers can also adjust the management mode of gates as needed. Managers can set one-way traffic and two-way traffic, or one-way controlled, reverse free traffic, etc., to avoid some special reasons such as road construction. The reason is that the entrance and exit are completely paralyzed and cannot work.


The intelligent pedestrian gate also has strong environmental adaptability, can be used normally in various harsh natural weather, and has strong self-protection ability, whether it is a weak short circuit, strong light exposure, heavy fog, rain or even typhoon and other abnormalities The external factors will not affect his normal use, which is also an important reason why many outdoor scenic spots and residential areas choose to use it.


Finally, the large-scale use of intelligent pedestrian gates has to be mentioned that the epidemic situation in the past three years has been prevented and controlled across the country. In order to effectively grasp the access records of people in public areas, the most direct way is to enter the first threshold of these places, and collect health codes, travel codes, etc. when entering. If these links require manual inspection, it is not only inefficient, but also prone to errors or Congestion caused by people, so more public places directly use intelligent artificial gates to control entrances and exits, which is a very effective management method.


In addition, with the continuous improvement of market aesthetic requirements, the appearance of access gates in recent years has become more and more suitable for the use scene or use environment. It is believed that in the future, more beautiful and practical, technologically advanced and powerful access gate products will appear on the market, providing people with a new experience.






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