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company news about Which swing gate access control should be purchased at the entrance and exit of the hospital/

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Which swing gate access control should be purchased at the entrance and exit of the hospital/
Latest company news about Which swing gate access control should be purchased at the entrance and exit of the hospital/

The function of the hospital intelligent pedestrian detection device - the entrance and exit swing gates is that before people enter and leave the hospital, they must first confirm their identities through the entrance and exit swing gates to ensure the safe release of personnel. Under the normalization of today, it is still necessary to pay attention to prevention and control. After the installation of face recognition temperature measurement swing gates, the hospital's personnel control and access management will be more convenient.


latest company news about Which swing gate access control should be purchased at the entrance and exit of the hospital/  0


Among the hospital staff, there are medical staff, management personnel, patients, patient family members, visitors, takeaway personnel and other identities. Before the channel is intelligently managed, people can enter and leave at will. With manual management alone, the hospital cannot effectively control the people entering and leaving, nor can they identify the identity of the people entering and leaving. In this way, there are certain security risks, and manual management cannot form an interconnected management platform with other systems. Moreover, after installing the swing gate, these problems can be solved.


Multiple identification swing gates make the passage more convenient. Generally, the needs of hospitals are relatively clear, and various comprehensive recognition methods such as face recognition systems will be integrated, including identity recognition, face recognition, QR code recognition, and hospital IC card recognition. Different identification methods can be used flexibly, and multiple identification methods make it easier for everyone to pass. The swing gate has high stability and excellent performance, making the traffic safer and more efficient.


The core and control system of the facial recognition swing gate has passed 10 million life tests, and the whole machine has high stability and long service life. It also has a strong anti-overload capability, which can ensure its continuous normal operation when used at high frequencies. The swing gate with infrared, mechanical and electric current triple anti-pinch can sensitively detect the passing status of pedestrians in the passage and effectively ensure the safety of pedestrians.


The use effect of the specific swing gate system:

1. Statistics of people;

2. Statistics of hot areas;

3. Cumulative statistics of the number of people collected;

4. Analysis of population mobility trends;

5. Today's personnel flow trend;

6. Identify pre-replacement without wearing a mask;

7. Statistical analysis of abnormal body temperature;

The face recognition temperature measurement swing gate can carry out comprehensive and standardized management of all incoming and outgoing personnel, conduct orderly diversion of incoming and outgoing personnel, and establish a good pedestrian management order for the hospital. After identification through the gate, personnel can enter and leave the hospital, which improves the safety management level of the hospital. The use of swing gate technology is convenient for querying and tracking data in the future, which is conducive to the establishment of digital and efficient management, as well as long-term control. Each hospital has different needs for pedestrian gates. According to the needs of each hospital, we provide practical and professional solutions to help each hospital better build an intelligent, digital and high-security entrance and exit management system. For more information on pedestrian management systems and equipment such as access control systems, access control systems, face recognition gates, access gates, swing gates, three-roller gates, and wing gates, please consult Guodian Technology.

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