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company news about Which brand of smart access control system is good?

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Which brand of smart access control system is good?
Latest company news about Which brand of smart access control system is good?

With the development of the urban economy, the needs of pedestrian management widely exist in various business formats. Identifying people entering and leaving in a reasonable way to achieve reasonable, effective and safe management is the core demand of property managers. The role of the access control management system is mainly to effectively help enterprises and property management systems. Generally, the access control system can be seen in residential areas, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, scenic spots and other places, and it has been contributing to our safety.


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RS access control management system has many years of successful application experience in the market, corresponding customer base and customer service system. All equipment and accessories operate safely and reliably, and comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards. The powerful real-time monitoring function and linkage alarm function fully guarantee the safety of the user environment. Based on project requirements, various subsystems can be flexibly increased, decreased or updated to meet application requirements in different periods. In addition, the system composition is flexible and changeable to support secondary development.


1. The role of the RS access control management system in the community: it can effectively prevent the random people from entering the community, and it is inaccurate to rely solely on the memory of the security personnel for the entry and exit of the community personnel, and the safe and scientific access control can improve the efficiency of the property and reduce the Some safety hazards in the community.


2. The role of RS access control management system in office buildings: intelligent office buildings are equipped with access control system access gates, which can effectively prevent outsiders from entering the building and ensure the safety of company and employee property. At the same time, the access control management system can take into account the function of attendance, so that attendance is more convenient and efficient, and the work efficiency of the personnel department will be improved a lot.


3. The role of the RS access control management system in the scenic spot: For the scenic spot, through technological means such as face recognition, it can improve the tourist experience, improve the management efficiency of the scenic spot, and establish a good image of the scenic spot. Moreover, at present, some intelligent access control gate equipment, in addition to face recognition, also has its own temperature measurement, which fully guarantees the daily epidemic prevention of the scenic spot. RS focuses on intelligent access control system equipment for multi-scenario applications, which can meet the application needs of different formats. For more information on access control systems, access control management systems, access gates, swing gates, wing gates and other products, please consult RS Co., Ltd.


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