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company news about What management functions does the smart access control system integrate?

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What management functions does the smart access control system integrate?
Latest company news about What management functions does the smart access control system integrate?

The access control system in the industrial zone is generally installed at the gate entrance and exit of the industrial zone and the personnel entrance and exit in the park, and is used for the management of personnel entering and exiting. At present, the access control system provides more convenience for personnel to pass, and better manages the traffic in the park. At the same time, strengthen the management of foreign visitors, make the access control system more integrated and integrated, realize the integrated linkage of visitors, access control, gate equipment, and vehicle gate equipment, and solve multiple authorizations for single visitor/access control/channel systems, The operation is complicated, so what functions will the current access control system contain?


latest company news about What management functions does the smart access control system integrate?  0


Access Control System At present, the access control management system mainly uses face recognition and two-dimensional code recognition for identity recognition, replacing the traditional key and card opening scenes. Real-time information on the traffic situation of access control personnel in each area. The access control system includes functions such as door equipment management, personnel grouping, authority rules, access record query, abnormal alarm, etc., adding a line of defense to ensure the safety of the factory area.


Visitor Management System The visitor management system is mainly used for the management of foreign visitors. It replaces the traditional manual paper registration with mobile phone reservation registration, invitation, and smart visitor machine quick registration, making personnel registration faster, authentic and reliable identity information, and convenient for data storage. And query, the system can set the visitor's access authority, and can set the visitor's passage event segment, the number of passes, and the passable area.


Vehicle Traffic Management System

Vehicle traffic management is used to manage vehicles entering and leaving the industrial zone. It has the function of automatic license plate recognition. Vehicle information can be bound to personnel information synchronously, which is convenient for rapid identification and personnel information registration management.


At present, the access control system has implemented face recognition and QR code recognition as the main means of access. The entire system includes channel equipment, personnel information, authority rules, access records, access statistics, stranger access management, etc., which can be managed and queried through this system The traffic situation of the whole park can be customized according to the requirements of the park, and the data can be summarized and pushed according to the traffic situation in different time periods such as day, week and month.


The current access control system is no longer just access control management, but has integrated multiple functions such as visitor management, internal personnel management, area management, and vehicle management. One system solves multiple management needs, making the management of personnel and vehicles in the industrial park more efficient and lower in cost, and truly reducing costs and increasing efficiency for the park.

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