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company news about What is the history of the tripod turnstile gates?

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What is the history of the tripod turnstile gates?
Latest company news about What is the history of the tripod turnstile gates?

The tripod turnstile gate has a long history and is not out of fashion in the turnstile industry. Do you know who has the longest history? Tell you aloud, it is a tripod turnstile gate. The tripod turnstile gate is the earliest gate type, and the swing gate and the wing gate are derived later. The tripod turnstile gate has a "long" appearance, but it has a "new" heart. It has been changing with the changes of the times, developing in the direction of intelligence, strengthening safety management for many places, and guarding the entrances and exits of pedestrians. After so many years of development, the three-roller gate has changed and has not changed. The form and control method have basically not changed, and the development direction of continuous evolution has not changed. What has changed is the continuous upgrading and innovation in all aspects. Material applications (stainless steel → artificial stone), verification methods (swiping card → scanning code → face recognition), performance, etc., have all changed and innovated. Change and change, are to meet the needs of the application of the times. What are the classifications of the constant three roller gates?


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Cimoro Three-Roll Gate ① Divided by form: Bridge Three-Roll Gate, Vertical Three-Roll Gate

Bridge artificial stone high-end three-roller gate CPW-417Y


Vertical three-roller gate access control system CPW-312A bridge-type three-roller gate and vertical three-roller gate are basically the same in function, but the appearance is different. Type Bridge-type three-roller gate Vertical three-roller gate has larger grounding area, more stable and relatively smaller size Mode division: automatic three-roll gate, semi-automatic three-roll gate.


Manuel Rodriguez Building, Chile - Semi-automatic three-roller gate CPW-400ES In the management of pedestrian entrances and exits, the role of the three-roller gate is mainly in two aspects, one is to replace manual management of entry and exit personnel; the other is to integrate the pedestrian management system Connect with other systems to establish an integrated management system. Under the background of the era of intelligent development, management efficiency and management safety are more important. CMOLO will move forward in the direction of digitization and intelligence, so that the three-roller gate will continue to innovate, play its maximum role, and better help various scenarios to build objects. An integrated, digital, efficient and safe three-dimensional management system.


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