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company news about What is the future development trend of the barrier system?

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What is the future development trend of the barrier system?
Latest company news about What is the future development trend of the barrier system?

The intelligent parking lot barrier, also known as the car blocker, is the core of the intelligent parking lot system. With the intelligent license plate recognition system, a complete set of modern vehicle entrance and exit management equipment is formed. Nowadays, the smart car stop is applied to the parking lot of various places. It not only has the entrance and exit control function of the traditional road gate, but also has advanced functions such as intelligent guidance, intelligent license plate recognition, electronic payment, real-time monitoring, automatic management, and security system. While greatly improving the parking efficiency and standardizing the parking spaces in the parking lot, it also effectively improves the safety of parking charges and the barrier system. It avoids the probability of manual interference in charging, and also reduces the probability of the barrier rod hitting people and cars. However, with the increase of people's demand for road barriers, the technology of road barriers needs to be continuously improved. Therefore, the future development trend of intelligent road barriers is roughly as follows:


latest company news about What is the future development trend of the barrier system?  0


1. Smart gates implement networking to share data, break information islands, build a smart parking IoT platform, and fully realize functions such as parking guidance, parking space reservation, self-service payment, and quick access.


2. The intelligent road gate realizes the parking space guidance function. The parking lot will only become larger and larger in the future. A parking lot can accommodate thousands or even tens of thousands of parking spaces. In such a vast parking lot area, if there is no parking space guidance system, Then it is a headache for the parking lot and the owner of the car.


3. The parking lot is completely unmanned. At present, some unmanned parking lots have been established, and car owners can self-park and print tickets, but there are still many parking lots that need to be manually guarded. Due to the continuous increase of labor costs, it will be an inevitable trend to realize comprehensive unmanned management of parking lots in the future, which brings a test to the technology of intelligent car stopper.


4. Smartphones and smart parking lots are perfectly combined. Currently, parking mobile phones are basically only used for scanning code payment. In the future, parking lots can use mobile phones to reserve parking spaces, track parking spaces, intelligent guidance, automatic payment and other functions.


5. my country is a country with a very large population and a very high population density. Therefore, with the increase of land costs, there will be more and more parking lots on the ground in the future. At this time, the smart gates will also be improved accordingly.

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