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company news about What is the difference between a pedestrian access gate and a road gate?

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What is the difference between a pedestrian access gate and a road gate?
Latest company news about What is the difference between a pedestrian access gate and a road gate?

There are many types of turnstiles on the market now, so what are the differences between pedestrian access turnstiles and road turnstiles? Many people don't know very well. Let me introduce the difference between pedestrian access gates and barrier gates. You can understand them.


latest company news about What is the difference between a pedestrian access gate and a road gate?  0

First of all, although pedestrian access gates and barrier gates are both entrance and exit control equipment, they are still different. Pedestrian access gates are mainly used in places with a large flow of people to manage and control the flow of people. Barrier gates are mainly used in parking lots to control the entry and exit of vehicles. In layman's terms, the pedestrian passage gate is for the management personnel to enter and exit, and the road gate is for the management of vehicle entry and exit.


The access gate, also known as the pedestrian access gate, the pedestrian gate, or the gate for short, is one of the common equipment in the access control system. The channel is actually the management of the passage of people.


The tripod turnstile gates for pedestrian passages include: tripod gates, wing gates, swing gates, turnstiles, translational gates, speed gates, one-word gates, barrier-free access gates, etc. Each channel gate device has its unique advantages and applications are also different.

Three-roller gate: generally used for simple discouragement-level access control in public passages. It is widely used in the attendance system of factories, the consumption system of public institutions, the ticket checking system of venues such as scenic spots, and the palm system management of construction sites. Available in many different configurations, it is suitable for all buildings and solves all control problems for pedestrian access. Different identification systems can be configured, (ID card, IC card, barcode, palm, fingerprint, iris, etc.).

Wing gate: fast passing speed, strong anti-tailgating, station, subway station, wharf and other places with a particularly large flow of people, but also to meet a variety of ticket checking and passing functions, wing gate is of course the best choice.


Swing gate: Unique in shape, it can meet the requirements of personnel passage as well as the passage of bicycles, electric vehicles, and push carts. It is most suitable to use swing gates in residential quarters, campuses and other places.

Turnstiles: For places with high safety requirements, such as prisons and banks, full-height turnstiles are more suitable, because the anti-tailing performance of full-height turnstiles is the strongest among all turnstiles.

Sliding gate: With its beautiful and generous appearance, it is often used in administrative units and high-end office buildings because it brings a sense of seriousness to people.

Speed gate: fast speed, stylish appearance, you can see him in the lobby and airport.

Barrier-free access gate: no gate lever is installed, and the passing personnel are checked by infrared method to achieve the purpose of barrier-free brushing or directly counting the flow of people. The passage gate equipment can ensure that 35 people pass within 1 minute, which is suitable for occasions that require high passage efficiency.



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