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company news about What is Swing Turnstile Gate?

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What is Swing Turnstile Gate?
Latest company news about What is Swing Turnstile Gate?

Fully automatic Swing Turnstiles are mainly used in scenic spots, venues, theaters, stations, terminals, supermarkets, communities, etc., and are widely used. In recent years, automatic Swing Turnstiles have become more and more popular.

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Advanced technology: Intelligent pedestrian automatic Swing Turnstile is the most popular wireless network management system at present, the communication base station wireless transmission mode, completely offline operation, the transmission distance can reach several kilometers, and the data transmission can reach 100m/S. times or dozens of times. Pedestrian passage automatic Swing Turnstile adopts an internationally recognized wireless transmission channel, which has no radiation damage to the human body and can be used with confidence.

Strong practicability: Pedestrian automatic Swing Turnstile management series adopts non-touch smart IC card, one IC card is multi-functional, confidential, no wear and tear, easy to operate, which greatly improves the practicability. Multiple authorization cards can be used for management applications such as attendance, consumption processing, and patrol personnel check-in.Vertical Swing Barrier Gate RS 116


High scalability: Computers and management systems can freely expand the number of channels through wireless communication. That is to say, after installing the corresponding control system, if the number of smart channel gates and control devices is added as needed, the hardware only needs to add the corresponding smart channel gates, and the software needs to be set for the new device.

High security: When there is a special situation in the pedestrian automatic swing gate, it has the function of sound and light alarm, including illegal intrusion and tracking alarm and anti-shock function. When no opening signal is received, the swing arm locks automatically. The automatic swing gate of the community is mainly to allow the residents of the community to pass freely, prevent the entry and exit of non-community personnel, and strengthen the security of the community. There is not much traffic in the community, and it is also for safety, so the residents of the community will be happy to use the automatic swing gate.


Flexible management: The fully automatic Swing Turnstile for pedestrians can effectively prevent emergencies by managing personnel's access rights, reporting loss, deletion and additional rights through the software.

Data security: The transmission format supports two-way access protocol, making data transmission safe and reliable, and encryption information can be freely set during transmission to make data more secure.

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