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company news about what is half height barriers?

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what is half height barriers?
Latest company news about what is half height barriers?

Turnstiles are mainly divided into full-height turnstiles and half-height turnstiles, which are suitable for strict control areas and can effectively prevent climbing and drilling.

The full height turnstile can be divided into: 90°full height turnstile and 120°full height turnstile according to the angle. From the appearance alone, the 90° full height turnstile has 4 poles. Whenever the face recognition of personnel passes, the brake lever rotates. It is automatically locked after 90 degrees. From the top view, the full height turnstile has a similar "cross", so it is also called the full height turnstile. The 120°full height turnstile has 3 poles. The turnstile lever rotates 120 degrees, then automatically locks, and so on.

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According to the number of doors, full height turnstile is divided into: single-door turnstile, double-door turnstile, three-door turnstile and four-door turnstile, among which the dimensions are: single-door turnstile: 1450*1450*2300mm. Double door turnstile: 2200*1500*2300mm.

Due to the high protection level of full height turnstile, it is generally used in unattended places such as factories, communities, gymnasiums, scenic spots, stations and other places with high security levels. , Attractive shape design, can be used in various harsh environments, it is an unguarded, anti-trailing pedestrian passage for indoor and outdoor use.

Face recognition turnstiles are generally used in residential areas, factories, enterprises and institutions. After the face authorization is performed for the first time, the face recognition can be used to enter and exit directly, instead of fingerprints and card swiping, which is more convenient. Face Recognition Turnstile is a biometric identification technology based on human facial feature information. Use a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then perform a series of face-related technologies on the detected faces, usually also called portrait recognition and face recognition.

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