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company news about what is full height turnstile?

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what is full height turnstile?
Latest company news about what is full height turnstile?

Full height turnstile is generally used in parks, factories, enterprises, school stations, scenic driving schools and other places. The whole country can connect with the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau and support the real-name system for construction sites. Support face recognition, fingerprint recognition, QR code recognition, ID card recognition, ticketing system, card swallowing system, etc., to meet a variety of functional requirements.

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Smart full height turnstile details features:

1. The sealing of the rotary rod is made of 304 stainless steel welded, polished and polished, which is more beautiful than the plastic sealing;

2. The full height motherboard of full height turnstile is installed in the control box, and the wiring bobbin is more concise and beautiful;

3. The welding part is polished and polished, and the details are finely processed;

4. The 1:5 electromagnet power used by the manufacturer has long service life and large suction;

5. The large movement of aluminum alloy material is adopted, and the technical wire cutting is more precise and durable than the previous laser cutting iron plate!

Jizhou Wanda Plaza intelligent full height turnstile parameters: 2200*1450*2200mm. 304 stainless steel raw material, the main shaft adopts 89 round tube, the thickness is 2.5mm; support swipe card access.

latest company news about what is full height turnstile?  1

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