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company news about what is face recognition

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what is face recognition
Latest company news about what is face recognition

Scenes covered by face recognition technology

I don’t know if you have ever paid attention to those devices that use face recognition technology in your life, such as face attendance machines, face brushing machines for payment by face recognition, etc. The use of face recognition technology is still very extensive.


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1. Access control

The grounded application of this technology is that it can be used for access control in residential areas or campuses, etc. This can not only improve the efficiency of detection, but also prevent the random entry of non-community personnel, which is very convenient to manage, and at the same time, the safety factor is also improved a lot.


2. Smart home

Face recognition is mainly used in two scenarios of safe unlocking and personalized home service in smart home. In terms of security protection, face recognition can provide a relatively safe and convenient home unlocking technology, which will gradually replace traditional password or fingerprint door locks.

The smart doorbell can identify the identity of the visitor through face recognition. In addition, the surveillance cameras in the home can monitor in real time. If a stranger's face is found, it will immediately alert the resident and call the police.


3. Identity verification

In the examination room, the railway station, the subway station, the customs, the airport and other places, the use of the face recognition system can well identify the identity of the passenger and prevent others from impersonating. Through multiple identity verification methods such as ID cards and boarding passes, the determination of personal identity is more precise and time-saving.


4. Office hall, hospital, ticket office

Install a face recognition camera in front of the ticket sales, registration and other windows to perform statistical identification of people, give early warning to people who appear a lot within a period of time, focus on tracking, and after confirmation, their photos can be classified into the "scalper" label. For the next time the person appears, it can be warned.

Do you know all these applications?


latest company news about what is face recognition  1

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