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company news about What is Entrance Temperature Check Flap Barrier?

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What is Entrance Temperature Check Flap Barrier?
Latest company news about What is Entrance Temperature Check Flap Barrier?

Swing Turnstile for entrance and exit inspection tickets has many indoor selections, including cylindrical Swing Turnstile, vertical Swing Turnstile, small Swing Turnstile, and wide-channel Swing Turnstile. The appearance is simple and fashionable. IP65 and the channel width of the outdoor unit can be wider as required.Flap Barrier Turnstile RS 888F

Flap Barrier is suitable for large-scale smart scenic spots with dense and large entrances and exits, which can greatly improve the efficiency of verification traffic. For example, a scenic spot in Lijiang, Yunnan uses dozens of sets of smart face Flap Barrier for scenic spot management.


The appearance and operation design of RS Security Co.,Ltd pedestrian passage turnstile are ergonomic. The exterior of the turnstile adopts a variety of manufacturing processes to keep the surface of the chassis flat, and the corners are designed with arcs to avoid scratching pedestrians. The swing door is made of stainless steel or different materials such as plexiglass and fireproof materials to meet different needs. The entire chassis can be made of automotive-grade spray paint, and the interior adopts a modular design, which is convenient for tourists and employees to operate and use. In addition, the smart gates provided by RS Security Co., Ltd can customize the size of the gate according to the size of the entrance and exit of the scenic spot, and can expand the function of the gate.

2. Tripod Turnstile Gates Swing Turnstile Flap Barrier function

Flap Barrier RS 888F1

Smart scenic ticket gate is an integrated access control device composed of stainless steel shell, servo brushless motor, access control controller, ticket inspection components, face recognition terminal, health code temperature measurement terminal, power supply, etc. It generally meets the requirements of fire protection design, including anti-pinch and anti-tailing functions, automatic drop-off and wing-retraction when power is off, to meet fire-fighting requirements. Connecting with different modules realizes different ways of checking tickets and opening doors, with stable operation, suitable for most smart places, improving management and control efficiency and improving traffic order.


3. Tripod Turnstile Gates Swing Turnstile Flap Barrier Service

From production to use, the equipment provides entrance and exit management solutions for different users, which reduces the labor cost of the scenic spot and further saves the time for tourists to check tickets and enter the park or wait for tourists, effectively improving the convenience of tourists' travel and the smoothness of tourist attractions.

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