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company news about what is automatic hydraulic bollards?

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what is automatic hydraulic bollards?
Latest company news about what is automatic hydraulic bollards?

In daily life, we can always see lifting columns installed on the ground. Lifting columns are called variously, also known as lifting ground columns, anti-collision piles, isolation piles, etc. Due to the diversity of its functions, lifting columns are used in many places in the city, such as the gates of important institutions and their surroundings, airports, pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, parking lots and other occasions.

After years of application and development, today's lifting columns have expanded into a variety of styles. Mainly divided into the following categories:

Fully automatic lifting column

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I believe everyone knows the definition of fully automatic, that is, the take-off and landing of the lifting column can be automatically completed through legal authorization information without manual work. Due to its convenience, this kind of lifting column is also the main push equipment on the market, and is generally used in places with frequent take-offs and landings and large traffic flow.
Semi-automatic lifting column

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The semi-automatic lifting column needs to manually control the lifting and landing of the lifting column through the key. When this type of equipment is in the lowered state, it is automatically locked. If it needs to be raised, it needs to be released with a key; if it needs to be lowered after it is released, it needs to be released with the key, and then manually step on the equipment with the foot until it reaches the bottom. After the point, it will automatically lock again.

This type of product is slightly complicated to operate and cannot be separated from labor and keys, and the semi-automatic mode makes this type of lifting column lower in cost, and because it has no control panel or control cabinet, the anti-theft security is higher.
fixed road stakes

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Fixed road bollards, as the name suggests, cannot be moved after installation. The shape of such road bollards is exactly the same as that of fully automatic or semi-automatic lifting bollards, and the materials used are also the same. .

mobile road stakes

The mobile road pile is different from the above road piles because of its functional requirements. It does not need to be deeply buried. It only needs to use facilities to connect the road piles to the fixed points on the ground. The parts on the ground can be manually removed at any time according to requirements. When using it, a staff member is required to guard the operation.

Since such road piles need to be moved manually, generally the main body is very light in weight, mainly has the effect of showing, and has weak anti-impact ability.

The main use occasions and advantages and disadvantages of various types of columns are different, and the type selection should be based on the actual project when using.

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