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company news about What is a speed gate and what does it do?

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What is a speed gate and what does it do?
Latest company news about What is a speed gate and what does it do?

With the development of science and technology, the public facilities in many first- and second-tier cities have become more complex and intelligent. In many public places, entrances and exits are replaced by doors that are smarter and faster than traditional ones. Why are people willing to invest more in speed gates? What is the promotion value of the speed gate? Let's analyze it.


latest company news about What is a speed gate and what does it do?  0


First of all, what is a speed gate?

The speed pass door belongs to the access control system and is an important part of the modern access control system. The brake lever is driven by a control system, which opens and closes automatically. The operating mode is programmable. Once the entrant is authorized, the gate lever will open automatically. Delay off, the delay time is adjustable.

According to the movement mode of the gate, the speed gate can be divided into a scissor gate and a swing gate. The scissor door's gate lever sticks out of the box. The gate lever of the swing door does not need to retract from the inside of the box, but swings back and forth intuitively, which is safer than a scissor door.

The speed gate is a product that combines high efficiency, safety and craftsmanship, and its lifespan is longer and more durable than traditional doors. Its features are as follows:

Efficiency: The speed gate can pass through 35-45 pedestrians per minute on average, one person per card is implemented, and the opening speed is very fast, about 0.4 times per second. It effectively solves the congestion of traditional gates and long queues, and greatly improves the traffic level. It is generally used in shopping malls and various office buildings. Save time and worth promoting.

Safety: The speed gate has anti-tailing function, anti-collision function, and emergency escape function.

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