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company news about What is a pedestrian crossing barrier?

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What is a pedestrian crossing barrier?

The access gate is a kind of pedestrian access management equipment, which is mainly used in the subway gate system and the toll gate system. Common in all kinds of tolls, access control and other entrances and exits. With one person, one can achieve traffic management and regulate pedestrian traffic, improving the physical protection of safe areas. With the widespread use of channel gates, there are more and more channels in the market, but product quality and price vary. So, what should you pay attention to when purchasing? Today I have the honor to take you to find out:


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1. Is pedestrian safety guaranteed? From the perspective of safety, when purchasing an access gate, it is mainly to understand the ways of the gate product in terms of pedestrian movement trajectory and behavior recognition detection, illegal entry pedestrian anti-pinch mechanism, and emergency response processing in emergency situations. The basis for high security of gate products. The access door will set a certain number of shooting detection points inside the device. When a pedestrian passes through the device, the body will cover the detection point, thus forming an effective and rapid identification of the pedestrian's movement trajectory and behavior. The tracking logic detection algorithm running in the central controller realizes efficient logic judgment and drives the response action of the channel gate. The LED high-density matrix infrared detection light curtain is used to determine the position, status, passing direction, authorization verification of pedestrians in the passage, and the validity of the verification is verified by calculation and analysis, so as to make corresponding judgments.

2. Compatibility of access gate system. In order to facilitate future upgrade and expansion, and consider anti-interference, it is recommended to choose terminal identification equipment that meets international standards, rather than the wider the compatibility, the better. Some formats have some advantages over certain formats but do not conform to international standards. This will cause trouble for future upgrades, expansions and anti-jamming. It should adhere to the principle of "practical, stable, and standards-compliant"

3. Anti-destructive ability. The access control access door system is used to protect the safety of people and property, so the system itself must be safe. The high security mentioned here, on the one hand, refers to the natural properties or accuracy of the product or system. Wet and wet, and can be anti-static, anti-interference, etc.

4. Product appearance With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, while pursuing functions, its appearance design can be used as one of the reference standards, and additional functions can achieve visual enjoyment.

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