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company news about What is a high-end face recognition speed gate

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What is a high-end face recognition speed gate
Latest company news about What is a high-end face recognition speed gate

Zhanguard Intelligent Industry can provide access gate management equipment system products for different application scenarios, including but not limited to face recognition access management system, enterprise and public employee intelligent access control attendance punching channel system, etc. It is a professional access control, access gate equipment and solution provider. Recently, Zhandong Access Gate has launched a new product: high-end face recognition express gate. The following will introduce you to the features of the new product.


latest company news about What is a high-end face recognition speed gate  0


The speed gate adopts an integrated movement servo motor, with ultra-thin body, beautiful appearance and fast opening speed. It is suitable for indoor applications in corporate headquarters, high-end commercial buildings, high-end office buildings, star-rated hotels and other office and reception halls .

1.high speed!

The high-end face recognition speed gate can accommodate 3W face databases, and has the ability to quickly recognize multiple people, which can achieve ultra-fast recognition in 0.2 seconds, and the recognition rate is as high as 99.89%.

2 .Flexible way of travel!

There are as many as six access modes to choose from (face recognition + QR code recognition + face comparison + password unlocking + IC/ID card + mobile phone unlocking + remote unlocking) to maximize the convenience for travelers.

3. Safe enough!

4.Simple setup and operation, cloud control, support for secondary development

It comes with Android system, supports touch screen operation, and can control operation settings through the cloud. At the same time, it opens a variety of device interfaces to support secondary development.

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