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company news about What are the unique features of the speed gate?

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What are the unique features of the speed gate?
Latest company news about What are the unique features of the speed gate?

1. System overview:

Set up double-wing two-way swing type personnel access gate to control the entry and exit of personnel and establish a good order; the access gate adopts the two-way entry and exit method, and uses the card swiping method to pass through. "Three directions of passage and three modes of free passage, swipe card passage and forbidden passage. The central management system and the control points near the access gate can set the state of the access gate to be normally open or normally closed. In the normal working mode, the access gate is in a normally closed state, and when no one passes through, the gate is always closed; after the access gate accepts a valid card swipe, the gate is opened to allow people to pass through, and the gate is automatically closed when people pass through the access gate within the specified time. If the personnel still stay in the channel beyond the specified time, the access gate will send out an overtime alarm signal. If the personnel does not enter the channel within the specified time, the gate will be automatically closed. When the access gate receives an invalid card swipe or a person tries to pass without a card, the gate remains closed and no one is allowed to pass. At this time, if a person crosses the isolation belt and passes through the passage, the access gate will send an alarm signal; the passage speed of the access gate is 35 per minute. people and above.


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2. Product selection

The AN210 speed channel combines the advantages of swinging door wings and long detection channels, and has excellent anti-tailing effect. It is a security speed channel with high traffic capacity. The body has good permeability, elegant design, small installation space requirements, and product appearance. It can be perfectly combined with the glass curtain wall design of the building, and give users a good passing experience. AN210 can use card readers, QR codes, biometric systems (such as: 3D face recognition, fingerprints, etc.) to control the passage of speed gates in both directions. Each movement of the AN210 allows only one person to pass, preventing two people from passing at the same time. This is mainly achieved by using the narrow channel of the AN210 with the advanced sensor system in the channel and the fast swinging door wings. In addition to a reliable sensor system, the AN210 is equipped with a dedicated sensor that senses the user in the door wing opening and closing area, and then reverses and reopens the door to ensure user safety. The fire alarm signal will make the door leaf of AN210 automatically open to the exit direction. After the fire alarm signal is lifted, the AN210 will automatically initialize, and the door leaf will be closed and locked. The opening and closing speed of the door wing is adjustable, and the linear speed of the door wing movement is less than or equal to 0.75m/s according to European safety standards. At the same time, 3-10 swipe pulse signals can be stored, and when personnel pass through the AN210 channel, the rear personnel can directly enter the channel after swiping the card for authentication, and there is no need to wait for the front personnel to completely pass before entering the fast channel. This function It enables personnel to pass continuously and comfortably, greatly increases the personnel throughput of the channel, and avoids problems such as personnel retention due to technical reasons. At the same time, due to the consideration of the security environment of the fortified area, when the person does not enter the passage within 8 seconds (time is adjustable) after swiping the card, the door wing will be automatically closed to prevent unauthorized personnel from taking the opportunity to pass.


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