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company news about What are the types of turnstiles, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

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What are the types of turnstiles, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
Latest company news about What are the types of turnstiles, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

At present, there are countless types of turnstiles on the market, but many people's understanding of turnstiles is only superficial, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of various turnstiles? In which scenarios are they applied?


The working principle and advantages and disadvantages of the gate

According to different control methods of motion, it can be divided into mechanical type, semi-automatic type (electric type) and fully automatic type (automatic type).

The mechanical type is to control the operation of the dam body (connected with the movement) through manpower, and to control the movement to stop through the mechanical limit; the semi-automatic is to use the electromagnet to control the movement and stop. The fully automatic type is to control the movement and stop by the motor.


By controlling movement and stopping, the opening and closing of the dam body can be further controlled. According to the number of movement and dampers of the same gate, the gate can be divided into single-machine movement (including one movement and one blocker) and double-machine movement (including two movements and two blockers, left and right symmetrical). According to the different dam body and dam building method, it can be divided into three-roller brake, swing brake, wing brake, translation brake, rotary brake, horizontal bar brake, etc.


Classification of gates

(1) Intelligent three-roller gate

Three-roller brakes are also called three-bar brakes, three-bar brakes, three-roller brakes, roller brakes, and roller brakes. The arresting body (brake lever) is a space triangle composed of three metal rods. Generally, it is a hollow and closed stainless steel tube, which is strong and not easy to deform. The arresting and releasing are realized by rotation. The earliest three-roller gate type is also the most mature and perfect one so far, but it is gradually replaced by the later swing gate and wing gate. From the motion control mode, it can be divided into mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The shape is divided into vertical type and bridge type. The vertical three-roller brake is smaller and easier to install; the bridge type three-roller brake has a longer channel and higher safety.



1. It can effectively realize one-person passage, that is, only one person can pass at a time, and the safety and reliability are relatively high;

2. Low cost;

3. Strong waterproof and dustproof ability, strong adaptability to the environment, suitable for indoor and outdoor.


1. The width of the channel (the width for pedestrians to pass through) is relatively small, generally around 500mm;

2. The traffic speed is relatively slow;

3. Restricted by the shape of the barrier, it is not suitable for luggage handlers to pass through;

4. The plasticity of the appearance is not strong, and most of the styles are not beautiful enough; 5. Mechanical and semi-automatic three-roller brakes will have mechanical collisions and a lot of noise during operation, but fully automatic three-roller brakes do not have this problem.


It is suitable for ordinary pedestrians and places where the flow of people is not very large or pedestrians don't care much when using it, as well as some outdoor places with harsh environments.





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