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company news about What are the functions and features of the speed gate?

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What are the functions and features of the speed gate?
Latest company news about What are the functions and features of the speed gate?

1. Anti-tailing function: There is an infrared light band detector in the channel of the speed pass door, which can effectively determine the pedestrians who have not read the card and enter the prompt. If the pass is forced, an automatic alarm will be triggered.

2. Anti-collision function: When there is no signal to open the gate, the door wing is automatically locked, and if it encounters a gravitational impact, it will not cause substantial damage to the door wing machine.

3. Self-checking function: The speed-pass door has the function of fault self-checking and alarm prompting. When the speed-pass door is in normal use, the traffic light status is green, and when a fault occurs, the traffic light will turn red to remind the user to check and maintain. Beautiful craftsmanship: The speed pass door has a two-way card reading window and LED direction indicator lights. When the card is valid, there will be arrows to indicate the direction of the passage. If the card is illegally swiped, there will be red crossed LED lights to indicate the full sense of technology. You deserve it in this age of beauty that is justice.


Durability: The normal service life of the speed gate is more than 10 million times. Its external material is made of 304 stainless steel cold-rolled plate. Brighter, it feels smoother and smoother, and it looks more high-end atmosphere. Compared with the traditional door, the real smart technology speed gate also has a qualitative leap in the manufacturing technology of the movement. The service life of any machine depends on the movement. Zhendi Intelligent always regards the innovation and development of speed gates as a long-term strategic plan, and the market potential of speed gates is huge. The speed gate has both external and internal advantages, and its value has been perfectly reflected in high-end commercial buildings, residential buildings and unit buildings. In the near future, the speed gate will replace other types of access gates and become the representative product of the access control system.

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