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company news about What are the classifications of access gates?

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What are the classifications of access gates?
Latest company news about What are the classifications of access gates?

According to the types of barriers, barriers can be divided into straight bar barriers, curved bar barriers and fence barriers.

1. Straight bar gates are the most common in life. Generally, ground parking lots use this kind of gates, which are suitable for general parking lots such as residential quarters, stations, hospitals, etc.

2. Curved arm gates (folding arm gates or folding pole gates) are used in parking lots that have requirements for landing height, such as underground parking lots. Ordinary straight pole gates are not suitable. At this time, it is necessary to use To the crank arm gate.

3. The fence gate is suitable for some special parking lots with high management requirements, the purpose is to prevent pedestrians from passing through the car passage. Fence barriers can be divided into single-layer barrier barriers and double-layer barrier barriers, which can be purchased according to specific conditions.


latest company news about What are the classifications of access gates?  0

What is a barrier?

The road gate, also commonly known as the car blocker, is a channel entrance and exit management device specially used to block motor vehicles on the road. It is widely used in high-speed toll stations and parking lots and other scenarios that need to control the entry and exit of vehicles. The latest model of electronic road gate can not only realize the take-off and landing control lever through the radio remote control alone, but also realize the automatic management mode through the vehicle management system.

What parts does the gate consist of?

The gate is usually composed of a reduction box, a motor, a transmission mechanism (or hydraulic pressure), a balance device, a chassis, a gate rod bracket and a gate rod. The above is the introduction of the types of barriers, I hope to help you. Before purchasing, we should pay attention to which occasion the gate is to be used and what kind of function it needs to achieve, and then go to a powerful regular manufacturer to purchase it according to the actual situation.

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