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company news about What are the advantages of face recognition access control?

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What are the advantages of face recognition access control?
Latest company news about What are the advantages of face recognition access control?

In recent years, with the vigorous development of face technology, face gates have been widely used in various scenarios. Face recognition technology is widely used in the identification system of the access control system, which will greatly improve the security, accuracy and simplicity of the access control system. I believe that many friends who have played with weak electricity have been in contact with the construction and installation of maintenance doors. Let's take a look at the use of the face recognition access control gate system.


latest company news about What are the advantages of face recognition access control?  0


The scope of application of face access control gates

Nowadays, face recognition gates replace manual real-name registration system verification in many fields, which can realize efficient, convenient and accurate entry and exit management, and reduce labor management costs. Using face recognition gates, combined with the actual management situation, in this case, all people who design the access control area must scan their faces to pass. The system can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the community at will, ensuring internal security and uninterrupted rest and work. The system can effectively control the traffic order of personnel, make the traffic at the entrance and exit orderly, and facilitate the management of personnel entry and exit. It can effectively combine civil air defense and technical defense to achieve ideal management goals, and is conducive to the clear diversion management of entrances and exits.


1. In airports, railway stations, customs and other public transportation occasions. The combination of face recognition and the verification of the identity verification and name registration system enables passengers to check-in or self-service check-in instead of manual inspection. The recognition speed is very fast, which improves the convenience of passengers' travel.

2. Installing face recognition gates in office buildings can realize smart office. Users can bid farewell to the traditional way of swiping cards, and only need to recognize their faces to enter and exit. This not only strengthens the management and service of the office building, but also improves the user experience. At the same time, enterprises and properties can also use the data collected through the gates to optimize management solutions.

3. The application of face recognition gates in the community makes the security measures of the community more technological. Instead of the role of security, identification is more accurate and complete than security. It can better create convenient passages for residents in the community and prevent illegal entry by outsiders. When residents are carrying large bags and small bags, it is inconvenient to find the card. Don’t worry if they forget to bring it or lose the key card. As long as they show their faces, they can enter the door, which is very convenient and can enhance the sense of security of residents.

4. Face recognition is applied to construction site systems. The system uses face recognition technology to scan faces when entering and leaving the construction site, allowing multiple people to pass through at the same time. The recognition speed is fast, the recognition rate is high, the face capacity is large, and it is easy to use. At the same time, it also avoids the occurrence of the staff forgetting or losing the card, and others holding the card to swipe.



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