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company news about What advantages does intelligent access control system bring to community construction?

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What advantages does intelligent access control system bring to community construction?
Latest company news about What advantages does intelligent access control system bring to community construction?

The community, as the place where residents live, the entrance and exit of the gate and the main passage of the community, need to set up intelligent access control gates to ensure the safety and convenience of the community. Because it is related to community safety, community travel and other factors, the development of smart access control has received extensive attention. With the gradual increase in market popularity, it has become one of the important equipment for community construction.


latest company news about What advantages does intelligent access control system bring to community construction?  0


What advantages does smart access control bring to community construction:


1. In the past, the wiring of the access control system was troublesome, network cables needed to be arranged, and the floor was high, and it took a lot of energy to install the access control system. Manpower and material resources, intelligent access control has simple installation and does not need to arrange too many lines, and 4G network card is installed on the access control machine. After the subsequent popularization of 5G network, its efficiency and stability will be enhanced.


2. Smart access control gates are more functional and diverse. On the basis of swiping cards, a variety of door opening methods have been added. Face recognition to open the door, mobile phone shake to open the door, video to open the door, credit card to open the door, dynamic password to open the door and other door opening methods. Face recognition does not need to carry a mobile phone or key to open the door, which greatly improves the convenience. In addition, smart access control can also be set up with an indoor unit, which is also connected to the Internet through cloud video to open the door for visitors, and the cloud video resolution is also higher than traditional Access control indoor unit, user experience will be better


3. The smart access control gate also has a publicity function. Important festivals, solar terms, and blessings and blessing posters are set up on the access control machine to bring a warm atmosphere to the community. The community has important information such as intelligence and anti-fraud, which can be passed through the smart access control gate. machine to quickly and efficiently communicate to residents.


Of course, smart access control gates are no longer purely serving the community. Smart access control gates have also been seen in office buildings. The mobility of people in and out of office buildings is also difficult in terms of management. Smart access control gates are installed in many high-end office buildings. , Through face recognition and card swiping, the convenience and safety are greatly improved, and it can effectively prevent salespeople and advertisers from entering and leaving the office building at will. We also saw intelligent access control gates at the construction site. The construction site is a place with strict management, and unrelated personnel outside are not allowed to enter and exit at will. Under the intelligent access control, relevant personnel on the construction site can enter and exit the checkpoint through face recognition, which enhances safety and is very convenient. convenient. Smart access control gates are installed at the company's gate. When face recognition opens the door, face recognition opens the door within the attendance scope, and the background records as punch cards. The use of smart access control gates is diversified and will serve more fields in the future.


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