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company news about Unattended access control gates and electronic ticket self-service gates

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Unattended access control gates and electronic ticket self-service gates
Latest company news about Unattended access control gates and electronic ticket self-service gates

Unattended self-service gates can be used in a wide range of places, and can be used in places that require entrance and exit management of security check channels and ticket check channels. At the airport, both the self-service boarding channel and the self-service security check-in ticket channel use unattended pedestrian access gates (smart double-swing gates), which is what everyone understands as dual-channel gates for multi-functional verification of passengers.


latest company news about Unattended access control gates and electronic ticket self-service gates  0


Because the unattended gates can prevent passengers from following (tailgating), climbing (crossing) and forcibly breaking through the gates, using self-service gates to control two, three or even multiple gates, allowing passengers to queue up in an orderly manner for self-checking pass.


Electronic ticket self-service gates, commonly known as "electronic ticket gates" and "railway electronic ticket gates", electronic ticket gates are used in all aspects of entrance and exit control of various charging places, such as subway stations, railway stations, long-distance bus passenger stations, ferries , Ports, docks, stadiums, cinemas, scenic spots, concerts, etc. All the places you can think of that require ticket inspection. After the implementation of electronic tickets, the paperless ticket sales and inspection process saves operating costs and facilitates passengers and passengers. It is very convenient to complete the entry and exit ticket inspection process by simply swiping the ID card and the dynamic QR code of the electronic ticket.


Unattended access control gates are generally used at the gates of residential quarters, office buildings and schools to prevent random entry and exit of irrelevant personnel and have a certain protective effect. Some of the traditional pedestrian passages are simple iron gates or small advertising gates. After the gates are opened according to the instructions, the closing speed is slow, and the people behind can continue to enter, which will cause the risk of tailgating the criminals. With the continuous improvement of research and development technology of various entrance and exit equipment companies, unattended access control gates can solve the problem of anti-tailing very well.


At the same time, in terms of data management, if the pedestrian entrances and exits are managed manually, it is difficult to record the data completely. Without the support of terminal equipment, it cannot be linked with other systems. With the unattended access control gate system, it can be compatible with the management systems of schools, parks, and companies, and can be managed in a coordinated manner. , to establish a digital integrated management system. Swing gates, wing gates, and translational gates are all suitable for communities, scenic spots, schools, and office buildings; if there are trolleys in and out of the lobby, cylindrical swinging gates can be installed; special floors are generally high-security areas, and it is recommended to install translational gates.

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