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company news about The subway "swipes the face" to pass through the gate in 1.5 seconds, and it can also be recognized while wearing a mask

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The subway "swipes the face" to pass through the gate in 1.5 seconds, and it can also be recognized while wearing a mask
Latest company news about The subway "swipes the face" to pass through the gate in 1.5 seconds, and it can also be recognized while wearing a mask

Nowadays, "swiping your face" has become a trend. You can use your face to unlock your phone and pay online, and now you can also "swipe your face" when you take the subway. On December 23, Taiyuan Rail Transit Development Co., Ltd. introduced the new technologies adopted on Metro Line 2, such as face recognition and BIM. In particular, the face recognition technology, which is applied to the entry and exit gates of the stations along the way, has greatly increased the speed of passengers, and they can pass in an average of 1.5 seconds, which is really fast!


latest company news about The subway "swipes the face" to pass through the gate in 1.5 seconds, and it can also be recognized while wearing a mask  0


Wearing a mask can also "swipe your face" There are subways in many cities, and everyone who has taken them has the experience: during rush hours, the entrance and exit gates are often one of the places where the passenger flow is the most concentrated. The feeling of comfort.


For example, citizens can buy facial recognition electronic tickets online on the "Tingjing" app. One-way tickets with facial recognition can be purchased at ticket vending machines or customer service centers at stations.

After buying the ticket, go through the security check, and then you can enter the station through the turnstile. Each station of the Taiyuan Metro is equipped with entry and exit gates, which incorporate AI face recognition technology. When entering and exiting the station, you only need to point your face at the face recognition equipment on the gates, and you can pass quickly.


Liu Haichuan, cloud platform and clearing system engineer of Taiyuan Rail Transit Development Co., Ltd., said that compared with face recognition in other cities, Taiyuan Metro has fully taken into account the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and the "swipe face" function is more powerful. Masks can also be quickly identified and passed. Previously, this face recognition system has undergone multiple stress tests, and the system is currently operating normally and meets the necessary conditions for activation. According to calculations, no matter what kind of ticket you hold, a person can pass through the gates in 1.5 seconds at most, and a gate can pass more than 40 people in one minute, which is very efficient. In addition, the turnstiles of the Taiyuan Metro adopt the latest "slapping gate" design, which opens the turnstiles for passengers holding valid tickets. Compared with traditional "scissor gate" turnstiles, the traffic efficiency is higher, and passengers will not be caught, especially for children.


You can know the scene in the station once you "look" at it A subway station often has multiple entrances and exits, and the surrounding ground roads are different. Many people have had the experience: When traveling in other places, when they step into a huge subway station, they are immediately "confused", not knowing where to check the ticket and enter the station. After getting out of the station, I couldn't tell which street I was on.


If you have been on the Taiyuan Metro, this situation will definitely not happen. This is not only because there are detailed guide maps and information columns in the station, but also because BIM technology will be gradually applied to the three-dimensional model demonstration of the environment inside and outside the station. In this way, it is clear at a glance what is inside the station and where to take the bus outside the station.


What is BIM technology? In layman's terms, it is building information modeling technology, which dynamically displays buildings originally designed with blueprints in 3D models, from design and construction to quality and safety management, progress control, and even material procurement and completion settlement. Analysis shows that with such a smart digital DNA, the building will "live", which not only avoids possible blind construction and rework losses, but also facilitates the visual management of the entire construction process.


Chen Xi, a BIM engineer from the Operation Management Department of Taiyuan Rail Transit Development Co., Ltd., introduced that Taiyuan Metro Line 2 is the first subway line in the country to apply full-life cycle BIM technology to all stages of construction, operation, and management. technology. To put it simply, in the future, where there is a breakdown in the subway station that needs maintenance, the 3D digital data of the relevant equipment can be retrieved, and the crux of the problem can be found immediately. For passengers, this technology will be extended to the display of the internal and external environments of various stations. By arranging display screens at stations and playing three-dimensional images, passengers will be able to understand in a short time just like watching a short film. Peripheral conditions.




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