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company news about The functions of building gates are continuously upgraded, which is the progress of the times

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The functions of building gates are continuously upgraded, which is the progress of the times
Latest company news about The functions of building gates are continuously upgraded, which is the progress of the times

Whether it is an enterprise office building or a financial building, the application of building gates is becoming more and more extensive. In the past, security guards were required to enter the building to check their identities one by one. With the rapid development of technology, our intelligent pedestrian gates are becoming more and more intelligent. , Not only can visitor appointments be made through the building gate system, but also functions such as face recognition, punch-in attendance, visitor temperature measurement, building gate access, integrated attendance visitor temperature measurement function, and improved entrance and exit management efficiency.


Nowadays, according to different needs, it is very necessary to continuously upgrade the functions of building gates! When the flow of people is large, you can choose wing gates and swing gates. Continuously combine access control system, attendance system and visitor system to effectively manage internal personnel and external visitors. When people enter, they can be verified and collected through different identification methods, and the statistics of the peak period of personnel flow have been well collected. Through real-time summary, we can intuitively understand the employee attendance and visitor conditions of the entire enterprise.


To put it bluntly, the intelligent gate access control system of enterprise buildings can protect the interests of enterprises and provide a convenient service method for passers-by. For enterprise units, the problem of manpower can be eliminated, unattended, and real-time point-to-point statistics of data feedback for each period can be achieved. Of course, the perfect intelligent building gate still needs to be maintained. The gate will be easily rusted and corroded if it is permanent, which will greatly reduce the service life of the gate. Therefore, we can use a soft cloth to scrub regularly to prevent dust. Get inside the chassis panel.


In addition, when choosing a gate system for a building, it is necessary to select different types of equipment such as three-roller gates, swing gates, and wing gates according to budget and functional needs. The usual use of these equipment must be well maintained, regular maintenance services, and meticulous maintenance and maintenance. In addition, according to the actual situation, the real-time upgrade function, because it is a modular design, so there is no need to consider the problem of replacement. It only needs to be upgraded on the original access control gate system equipment. The convenience brought by the building intelligent gate system, It will also be the progress of our era to provide more convenient and efficient intelligent services for the majority of pedestrians.



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