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company news about The function of sliding turnstile?

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The function of sliding turnstile?
Latest company news about The function of sliding turnstile?

Sliding turnstile gate, also known as sliding gate, also known as full-height wing gate. It is a special mechanical device that controls the access authority of people, and can also be used with other types of pedestrian gates; it has a wide range of applications, high-end styles, more stable performance, lower noise, fast running speed, and anti-crossing functions. , but the price is high enough, it is very popular in high-end places; such as corporate buildings of group nature, with precise logic sensors, it can truly achieve one card and one gate for one person.

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Smart sliding turnstile gate features:

1. Mechanical and infrared dual anti-pinch functions, when the blocking arm encounters resistance during the reset process, it will automatically stop or rebound, and an alarm signal will be issued at the same time;

2. It can be connected with a variety of control equipment to receive relay switch signals to work;

3. The normally open and normally closed modes are adjustable, which can be easily controlled by dialing codes or external manual buttons;

4. Automatic and normally open when power off to meet the requirements of fire protection;

5. Flexible access indication function, high-brightness indicator light and its humanized prompt function make the passage more distinctive;

6. Multi-mode alarm function, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, tailgating, traffic timeout alarm, etc.;

7. Automatic detection and reset function. After the gate is opened, when no object is detected to pass within the specified time (adjustable), the system will automatically cancel the permission for this pass;

8. Various modes of passage, one-way or two-way control personnel entry and exit, or one-way controlled, reverse free passage;

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9. Anti-collision function, when no signal to open the gate is received, the blocking arm automatically locks or alarms;

10. It has the function of fault self-checking and logical judgment, which is convenient for user maintenance and function debugging;

11. Reverse intrusion closes the alarm function. When the card is swiped in the forward direction and someone intrudes from the reverse direction first, the blocking wing will be quickly closed and an alarm will be issued.

Application places: commercial buildings, government agencies, schools, research institutes, libraries, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.

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