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company news about The access control channel of the construction site can also be "tall"

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The access control channel of the construction site can also be "tall"
Latest company news about The access control channel of the construction site can also be "tall"

A construction site is a special place that often gives the impression of a messy environment. Compared with other working environments, the construction site does have the characteristics of complex personnel and complex environment, and the entrance and exit of the construction site are always "disgraced".

Because of these complexities, the access management of construction sites is always a bit of a headache, and it is difficult to achieve accurate statistics on personnel attendance. In fact, when information technology is extended to the construction industry, with the help of the cutting-edge management system, the construction site can also show itself as "tall".


latest company news about The access control channel of the construction site can also be "tall"  0


The construction site access control channel management system is developed on the basis of detailed analysis of the current situation of the site. It uses advanced front-end equipment to quickly and effectively collect, organize, and analyze data to achieve efficient personnel control and attendance statistics. The access control channel system is composed of front-end gates, attendance equipment, identification equipment and system platform, which can meet the needs of access control and attendance management in complex environments.


container construction site access control In order to facilitate the application of construction enterprises, the management system can also land on the gate of the construction site through the "container" method. For example, Antong’s construction site management system integrates access gates, identification equipment, attendance statistics equipment, and front-end display equipment into the container. When using it, you only need to place the box at the gate of the construction site, and connect the power supply and network cable. The advantage of using this method is that all equipment is installed and debugged in advance, and there is no need for time-consuming installation when enterprises use it. Moreover, after the construction of the project is completed, it can be quickly transferred to other projects and reused without dismantling.


In terms of attendance statistics technology, due to the particularity of the environment in which laborers live, there are many disadvantages in using fingerprint attendance or face attendance, and the recognition rate cannot be guaranteed. It is more effective to install a chip in the helmet or use a smart card, and it can achieve long-distance identification.


With the continuous growth of the construction industry, the number of employees is also increasing, and the intelligent management system developed for the construction industry is playing an increasingly important role. The construction site is getting rid of the original "dirty" impression. In the future, based on the support of the intelligent management system, the construction industry can also achieve "tall". Pay attention to Antong, pay attention to the technology information around you.



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