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company news about Swing gate of quotation?

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Swing gate of quotation?
Latest company news about Swing gate of quotation?

How much does it cost for pedestrian passage intelligence? In fact, there are many types of wing gates, such as sharp-angle wing gates, butterfly wing gates, curved wing gates, etc. Although these are the same classification of wing gates, in terms of function and design There are still differences between the two. So the price is also different.

Pedestrians are commonly divided into single movement and double movement, some use 201 material, some use 304 material, the appearance material is different, the movement material selection is different, the workmanship is different, and the brand is different, and the price is different. . Even equipment from the same factory may have a price difference of more than 1,000 yuan. At present, the common price range of smart wing gates on the market is about 3500-12000 yuan. If you need to buy it, it is recommended to choose according to the specific situation of the place of use. It is very important to choose the wing gate that suits you.


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Analysis of the price of innovative wing gates

Shenzhen GuoDian Technology is a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise dedicated to intelligent channel and mechatronics products. It mainly provides three-roller turnstiles, swing turnstiles, wing turnstiles, one-way turnstiles and other products of various styles and grades for users to choose from. . Strong quality assurance, perfect after-sales service, to provide you with professional solutions! Introduction to the main functions and features of GuoDian standard wing gates:

1) It has the function of fault self-checking and logic judgment, which is convenient for user maintenance and function debugging;

2) There are dozens of flexible dial-up settings for the performance of the device;

3) Mechanical and infrared dual anti-pinch functions, when the blocking arm encounters resistance during the reset process, it will automatically stop or rebound, and an alarm signal will be issued at the same time;

4) Multi-mode alarm function, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, tailgating, traffic timeout alarm, etc.;

5) Anti-shock function, when no signal to open the gate is received, the blocking arm is automatically locked;

6) Reverse intrusion closes the alarm function. When the card is swiped in the forward direction, someone intrudes from the reverse direction first, and the blocking wing is quickly closed and an alarm is issued;

7) Flexible access indication function, high-brightness indicator light and its humanized prompt function make the channel more distinctive;

8) The normally open and normally closed modes are adjustable, which can be easily controlled by dialing codes or external manual buttons;

9) Automatic detection and reset function. After the gate is opened, if no object is detected to pass within the specified time (adjustable), the system will automatically cancel the permission for this pass;

10) Automatic and normally open when power off to meet the requirements of fire protection;

11) It can be connected with a variety of control equipment to receive relay switch signals;

12) There are various modes of passage, one-way or two-way control personnel entry and exit, or one-way controlled, reverse free passage;

13) Strong ability to adapt to the environment, can work normally in various harsh environments, super self-protection ability, can adapt to weak current short circuit, strong light irradiation, fog, rain and snow, typhoon weather and environmental changes. GuoDian standard wing gate can expand the function:

◆Two-way automatic counting function, which can be "plus" in the forward direction and "minus" in the reverse direction, and automatically count the number of people present (customized). ◆Voice prompt function: "Welcome! Good luck! Please swipe your card!" etc. (customized).


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