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company news about Smart Park Entry and Exit Management Solutions

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Company News
Smart Park Entry and Exit Management Solutions
Latest company news about Smart Park Entry and Exit Management Solutions

Smart Park Entry and Exit Management Solution: General Solution for Factory Swing Gate Access Control


latest company news about Smart Park Entry and Exit Management Solutions  0

1. There are many types of gates for pedestrian passages in the factory. Whether it is used outdoors or indoors, the width of the passage is generally relatively large and controlled between 0.5-1.2 meters. It is suitable for pedestrians and non-motor vehicles to enter and exit, commute to get off work It is convenient to punch in, and there is no need to get out of the car and face recognition to pass without feeling.

2. Due to the cost budget and specific requirements, some entrances can be installed with intelligent three-roller gates, one person at a time can pass through, which can improve the control goal and play the ability to prevent tailgating.

3. The intelligent access control channel gate has strong ductility and can be compatible with various functional systems such as access control system, attendance system, visitor system, etc. It can be placed at the entrance of corporate office buildings and factories according to needs, and personalized intelligent management solutions are proposed according to target needs. .

4. The intelligent swing gate adopts DC brushless motor, adopts silent design, and operates without noise.

5. The factory access control swing gate adopts detection algorithm and matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, which can sensitively detect the passing position of pedestrians in the channel, and realize the functions of anti-trailing, anti-reverse, and anti-pinch.

6. The access control intelligent swing gate can realize automatic alarm, and control the output signal of the gate through the infrared system. If there is unauthorized access or abnormal temperature measurement, an alarm prompt can be issued to discourage the passers-by.

7. The intelligent access control swing gate can be connected to the face access control system for various complex systems, receive and manage client personnel information data, automatically detect, identify and compare automatically, and issue instructions to achieve record query, statistics, visitor record management, etc.


Advantages of swing gate access control layout in the factory area

The face recognition swing gate access control system can control the movement of people in and out of the park in real time, which is convenient for access control and attendance management, and the management work is more accurate and efficient. Monitor the arrival of key responsible persons at all times, master the quality of the project, and monitor the progress of the project. Construction projects are inseparable from the word "safety". Nowadays, the degree of factory informatization is getting higher and higher. The construction of intelligent park gates is an important link in safe production.



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