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company news about Smart building access control systems make buildings smarter and safer?

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Smart building access control systems make buildings smarter and safer?
Latest company news about Smart building access control systems make buildings smarter and safer?

In recent years, the technology market has been based on reality, relying on its own channel advantages, technological advantages and product advantages, and has continuously promoted the construction and production of smart digital scenarios. With the advancement of transformation and upgrading, the intelligent Xuchang digital twin system in the digital world map has gradually become clear, and the "city of intelligent manufacturing" in the traditional sense is steadily moving towards the full-scenario wisdom of the city of intelligent application.

Facing the pace of the times, the construction of many enterprise buildings is constantly developing towards intelligence, introducing intelligent equipment according to actual needs, while enhancing their own brand value, using scientific and technological means to improve the building management system, improve management efficiency, and enhance the security index. The construction of the industry has laid a solid foundation.


latest company news about Smart building access control systems make buildings smarter and safer?  0


Among them, the building access control system as the "facade" of the enterprise building, its role and value are particularly important. In buildings with a high occupancy rate, the number of visitors can reach thousands of people every day, and the access control system must not only ensure the safety of passage, but also ensure the experience. Taking into account the type of visitors, frequency of visits, length of stay and other factors, the access control system needs to implement a combination of visiting methods such as owner invitation, visitor online appointment, on-site appointment registration, etc., eliminating the need for property communication and coordination, and providing temporary visitors, important visitors, takeaway couriers. Set up different visiting forms to enhance the visitor experience.


RS access control management system adopts regional feature analysis algorithm, integrates computer image processing technology and biostatistics principle, and uses computer image processing technology to extract feature points from video. Locks and other equipment form a smart access control management system to realize the informatization of daily management and the unification of identity recognition. Combined with the necessary system equipment in the smart access control management system of office buildings - swing gates, it can better meet the management needs of different groups of people entering and leaving. The swing gate can be blocked and released by swinging the swing arm, and the width of the passage is large. At the same time, there is a special fire button interface to support the automatic opening of the gate in emergency situations.


The application range of the access control system is getting wider and wider, and its role in various fields is becoming more and more obvious. In order to meet the needs of the access control system in different occasions and provide access control users with a better and safer experience, RS access control technology is also constantly Step up innovation.


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