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company news about Smart access control full height turnstile

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Smart access control full height turnstile
Latest company news about Smart access control full height turnstile

Recently, the new operation model of basketball halls that are unattended 24 hours a day has become very popular. Unattended, as the name implies, does not require personnel to be guarded, and the intelligent lighting, vending machines, shared basketball and other equipment in the venue, as well as settlement when leaving, are all unmanned operations. The installation of this equipment of intelligent access control full-height turnstile not only solves the problems of high venue management and operation cost, difficult equipment maintenance, and short operation time to the greatest extent, but more importantly, it enables the venue operation to be digitized, which can accurately record each month and even the whole year. All kinds of data are collected, so as to facilitate the scientific setting of sports events for the venues and the analysis of the time, structure, age level, preferences, etc. of the sports crowd, form the venue operation ecosystem, and make the venues become smart terminals to achieve true wisdom. venue.


latest company news about Smart access control full height turnstile  0

In addition, the intelligent access control full-height turnstile does not have high requirements for the construction of the venue. The scale of the venue can be large or small, and it can be customized according to the venue. The arena can be fixed and dismantled, refitted or newly built, and fully exploit the projects of new and old venues. It has effectively solved the problems of difficulty in opening, management and operation of equipment and facilities. So, what are the functional characteristics of the smart access control full-height turnstile in this unattended mode? 1. Online reservation system: customers make reservations for venues through online payment through the applet, purchase and study temporary tickets, recharge, and have recharge and gift functions. The recharge and gift rules are set by the merchants themselves, and customers automatically scan the code to enter the venue. , online refund function, merchants set refund rules. 2. The function of booking data statistics, the statistics of the day, the week, the month, the year, a single venue and all venues. Site maintenance staff information.


The intelligent access control full-height turnstile helps the basketball stadium to be unattended 24 hours a day. Consumers only need to use their mobile phones to scan the code to log in to the official account to register and use, and then they can enter the stadium through facial intelligent recognition. When the first person enters the stadium, the stadium will automatically open. Lights, when the last person leaves the venue, the lights are automatically turned off, truly realizing unmanned management and unattended operation.

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