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company news about School, gymnasium, scenic spot access control intelligent equipment system application recommendation

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School, gymnasium, scenic spot access control intelligent equipment system application recommendation
Latest company news about School, gymnasium, scenic spot access control intelligent equipment system application recommendation

How much is the access control system, the brand recommendation of the access control system, how to choose the access control system? What are the access control system companies? The access control system is easy to use and not expensive, the cost-effective access control system is recommended to buy, the latest quotation of the access control system, is the access control system a one-time purchase and a lifetime use? Access control system equipment installation, recommended by reliable access control system companies. What are the brands of access control systems used in museums, exhibition halls, science and technology museums, gymnasiums, scenic spots, hospitals, schools and other places?


latest company news about School, gymnasium, scenic spot access control intelligent equipment system application recommendation  0


In recent years, especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, in addition to the exhibition halls of tourist attractions, more and more places have installed channel gate system equipment, smart ticket verification, whether it is charged or free, the access control system can help places It is on duty and does not require personnel to be on duty. Whether it is a tourist or an employee in the venue, it can be identified by means of electronic two-dimensional codes, ID cards, social security cards, fingerprints, and faces. The most widely used is the electronic two-dimensional code. . The smart gate equipment of the access control system is very flexible. It only needs to be configured to follow up the operational needs of the place, and it can be flexibly adjusted at any time.


Taking the scenic spot as an example, the intelligent access control gate equipment is connected with the ticket management system, which can make the ticket management of the scenic spot more efficient and convenient. After purchasing tickets, tourists do not need to pick up the tickets, and directly swipe the QR code to verify their identity and enter the park, which greatly reduces financial loopholes and improves the time for tourists to enter the park. For the installation plan of sanitary ware for the access control gate system of the scenic spot, when we investors understand it, we must make a comprehensive investigation. Don’t believe in a single quotation. For the construction plan of the gate control system equipment for the scenic spot, it is necessary to install the gate machine according to the actual operational needs of the scenic spot. The use environment, the characteristics of the main tourist sources of the scenic spot, etc. should be considered comprehensively, and the most suitable gates should be equipped. At the same time, it needs to be perfectly connected with the intelligent ticketing management system.


As for stadium management, intelligent management can also be carried out through the intelligent access control gate system. Generally, high-end sports venues will carry out the application of access control systems. We need to understand that to bid farewell to traditional manual ticket sales, we need to process online and offline orders through the self-service all-in-one machine, which can handle business such as booking venues, querying orders, and binding members with one machine, realizing contactless operations throughout the process. The venue can set up a small program to book and generate a QR code. Through the QR code access control to identify the entrance, you can set the number of people entering the venue, etc., to improve the utilization rate of the venue, reduce costs and increase efficiency, conduct scientific management, and enable efficient operation of the gymnasium.


Smart access control systems are widely used in schools and kindergartens, and both teachers and students need to "swipe their faces" to enter the school. The campus intelligent gate access control system can perform student card, teacher card or face recognition verification. The specific scenario is that the student information needs to be entered into the system in advance, and then distributed to the corresponding student dormitory face recognition channel gate terminal for face recognition. Due to the powerful function of the school gate face recognition system, it can be used with the gate channel gate Query students' entry and exit records according to different information such as different campuses, buildings, equipment names, and student names, and can export according to the queried records. The exported data includes entry and exit records and entry and exit photos. It can track the child's movement track very well and escort the child's safety on campus. Students can leave school and ask for leave through the smart campus system. After the leave is authorized by the counselor and teacher, the student has permission to enter and leave the campus within the time limit for leave. The uniqueness of facial feature information and the features that are not easy to be copied provide excellent conditions for identity identification. At present, most schools in Changsha have implemented the campus face recognition channel gate system, mainly to strengthen student safety management.


The smart access control system has also been widely used in hospitals. The hospital directly scans the health code + face recognition + body temperature monitoring, checks the admission, and does not require on-site personnel to be on duty. In some high-end residential areas, intelligent access control systems are also widely used to strengthen owner access management and ensure safety. Who are the Hunan access control system manufacturers? What is the price of the smart access control system? How to investigate access control system companies? If you have these questions, you can private message me!



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