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company news about RS Scenic Spot Access Control System helps scenic spots realize intelligent construction

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RS Scenic Spot Access Control System helps scenic spots realize intelligent construction
Latest company news about RS Scenic Spot Access Control System helps scenic spots realize intelligent construction

At present, the smart ticketing management system is widely used in scenic spots. In addition, a smart access control management system is also needed to strengthen the verification of admission to the park, reduce financial loopholes, and improve the experience of tourists entering the park. The intelligent access control management system includes hardware and software. The software is connected with the ticket management system, and the ticket verification data goes directly to the backstage of the ticket system, which is convenient for managers to know the number of people entering the park in a timely manner. As for intelligent access control hardware equipment, there are three-roller turnstiles, wing turnstiles, and swing turnstiles that are common on the market.


latest company news about RS Scenic Spot Access Control System helps scenic spots realize intelligent construction  0


The material, performance, operation, etc. of the gate equipment in the scenic spot must have excellent quality and stability. Imagine if the ticket checking equipment fails during the peak tourist season, and the manufacturer fails to provide after-sales service in time, and the equipment fails to work, resulting in a dense queue of people at the ticket checking office of the scenic spot, which will give tourists a very bad experience. Therefore, when purchasing an access control gate in a scenic spot, you must choose a manufacturer of a big brand. First, the quality and stability are excellent, and second, the timely guarantee of after-sales service, and then the perfect compatibility with the ticket management system to ensure the overall equipment and system. operation process.


Guodian access control management system has more than five years of successful application experience in the market, corresponding customer base and customer service system; system functions meet actual needs, and front-end products and system software have good learnability and operability (convenience) ; All equipment and accessories are safe and reliable in operation, in line with relevant Chinese or international safety standards.


All the access gates of Guodian are equipped with special fire button interface, which can automatically open the gate in case of emergency. In addition, the equipment has the functions of zero self-check, illegal entry, illegal intrusion, trailing sound and light alarm, infrared anti-pinch and automatic normal opening after power failure. There are at least hundreds of thousands of tourists in the scenic area every year, and the gates have been running for a long time, and damage to hardness, shafts, and movements are common. If a gate fails during the peak season, it may cause hundreds of thousands of people. Tourists are congested, and the speed of the wing gate is the fastest among all gates. Scenic spots with a large flow of people use more wing gates. Of course, the entrances of most scenic spots are outdoors, so some scenic spots will install tripod gates.


Of course, not only one type of turnstile can be used in one occasion, we need to comprehensively consider the frequency of use, the flow of people, the environment, functions and other factors, and finally select the appropriate turnstile.


Guodian access control management system has many years of successful experience in the industry, self-developed and self-produced, with double guarantee of quality and reputation. According to different needs, Ketuo can provide card access control management system, QR code access control management system, face access control management system, fingerprint access control management system, elevator access control management system, visitor management system. For more information about access control management systems, passage gates, swing gates, wing gates and other systems and equipment, you can consult Guodian Technology Co., Ltd.



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