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company news about Precautions for the use of wing gates, safety starts from the details

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Precautions for the use of wing gates, safety starts from the details
Latest company news about Precautions for the use of wing gates, safety starts from the details

Each device has a lot of precautions when using it. If you don't pay attention to these precautions and don't start with the details, the random use will lead to problems such as unsafe wing gates and low life expectancy. So what are the precautions for the use of wing brakes? Let's follow the doorway and let's take a look.


1. Before the wing gate is put into use, it must first pass the function debugging, and it can be put into use after the debugging is normal;

2. Install the machine and connect the online lines in sequence. When the wing gate is powered on, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the channel, and do not let infrared induction to cover;

3. After the power is turned on, the wing gate will be in the closed state, that is, the zero position, and the swing gate will return to the zero position after the left and right opening action, that is, the closed state. This process is the machine self-check, do not block the infrared;


latest company news about Precautions for the use of wing gates, safety starts from the details  0


4. If there is an alarm after the self-test, or if it does not return to the zero position, you can make appropriate adjustments according to the prompts on the display. 1) The displayed motor wire is installed reversely, and the positive and negative poles of the motor power supply should be exchanged according to the prompts; 2) If the infrared detection fails, you can check whether the infrared rays on both sides are aligned. Under normal circumstances, the indicator light of the infrared transmitter (two cores) is always on, and the receiver is always off. If the receiver is always on, it means the infrared transmitter and receiver If it is not aligned, the infrared can be adjusted to make it aligned; 3) When the brake is opened or closed, the motor is idling. First, check whether the limit switch can guide the iron plate below. If it is sensed, the indicator light is always on. If it is not detected, the indicator light is always off. If the sensor piece is placed 1-2mm below the limit switch, then it is in the zero position or powered by the battery, so that it is in the open position, and the sensor piece is in the middle position and then fix it (the shrapnel is placed under the nut). If the limit switch is normal, check whether the motor wire is reversely connected.


5. The self-test is normal. If you need to connect the card reader (reading head) or the control board, you only need to connect two passive signal lines SW1 and SW2 for the opening signal line (dry contact signal, short-circuit signal). The line of defense can be customized. If you want to determine whether the connection is correct, the direction you want can be judged according to the direction indicator light or a pair of infrared sensors with your hand (if the direction is wrong, it is retrograde, and the gate will be closed). Open again to let people in the right direction, things pass.


6. If the gate has been debugged, please observe the following points when using it: A. If it is not set to swipe the card in the channel, the principle of swiping the card outside the channel should be followed, and the card should be swiped on the reader for 1-2 seconds; B. Please do not pass in the opposite direction, the gate has the function of preventing the reverse passage of the passage and may be caught; C. When passing through the gateway, do not crowd, and keep a certain distance between people; D. Do not follow, follow the principle of one person, one card. The gate has an anti-trailing function, and the trail may be caught. It is strictly forbidden not to read the card and pass through the gate quickly; E. Children less than 1m in height should pass under the supervision of an adult; F. Pedestrians are strictly prohibited from entering the passage when the direction indicator sign does not turn green when reading the card; G. When pedestrians pass through the passage, do not stay in the middle of the passage for a long time; When the H wing gate is not working, it should be properly managed, and it is strictly forbidden to knock or shake the wing gate; I. When the wing gate is closed, it is strictly forbidden to push, pull or hit the gate; When the J·wing gate is in use, it is strictly forbidden to sit on or press hard on the wing swing rod, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the gate; K. It is recommended to mark the passage of the machine at the conspicuous place of the wing gate to guide the passers-by to pass through the gate passage in a safe and orderly manner Note: The wing gate has dangerous voltage when in use, and the protection ground should be checked regularly to avoid damage to the wing gate and the user's other

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