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company news about Precautions for speed gates

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Precautions for speed gates
Latest company news about Precautions for speed gates

Modern and fashionable design

The appearance of the AN210 fully takes into account the characteristics of the surrounding decoration design of its use environment. The anti-fingerprint nano-treated stainless steel body is equipped with a transparent channel body made of tempered glass, which is completely different from the inherent visual barrier feeling and the common security channel equipment. The incompatible characteristics of the surrounding environment achieve the overall beauty without losing the sturdiness of the product, especially the size of the side columns at both ends can bring better impact resistance and provide more spacious for the non-exposed installation of access control equipment. interior space.


latest company news about Precautions for speed gates  0


clear channel status display

The user usually needs to identify the use status of the channel before entering, and after swiping the card, confirm whether the authorization is accepted and can enter the channel. These feedbacks from the channel device itself as factors affecting the speed of travel need to be simple, accurate and easy to identify. Compared with the integrated design of general products in order to save space, the AN210-type speed channel of Aneng turnstiles displays the authorization signal and the pass signal separately. The authorization signal display is located at the swipe position at the top of the panel, showing the user whether the authorization is received or not. The LED red cross and green arrow indicator on the side of the body shows the use status of the channel through different colors of red and green, which ensures that the user can clearly identify the open or closed state of the channel from a distance, so as to facilitate the user to quickly select the passable channel. . The purpose of this subtle design is not only to facilitate the user to quickly enter the safe area, but also to facilitate the rapid maintenance of the LED display device without the need for overall replacement and without affecting the use after a problem occurs.

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