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company news about Pedestrian walkway goose egg wing gate?

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Pedestrian walkway goose egg wing gate?
Latest company news about Pedestrian walkway goose egg wing gate?

Goose egg wing gate, one of the channel management equipment, is mainly used for pedestrian channel management; it has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience, and is an ideal management and dredging device for pedestrians entering and exiting channels with high frequency. The device organically integrates mechanics, electronics, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies. Through the configuration of various reading and writing equipment, the use of reliable safety protection devices, real-time alarm system and direction indication interface, the intelligent control and management of the channel are jointly coordinated.


latest company news about Pedestrian walkway goose egg wing gate?  0


Features of goose egg wing gate 1). The goose egg wing gate has the functions of fault self-checking and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use; 2). Goose egg wing gate has the function of automatic opening after power failure, self-checking when incoming calls and automatic recovery to locked state 3). The goose egg wing gate has a variety of working modes to choose from, which can read the card in both directions, or read the card in one direction and prohibit the other direction.
The role of goose egg wing gate 1) The intelligent wing gate has the functions of common fault self-check and alarm reminder, which is convenient for customer maintenance and application; 2) The operation of the machine and equipment of the program controller of the wing gate is based on the built-in small button on the control board; 3) The mechanical system and the magnetic induction two-way anti-pinch function, when the reset is blocked in the whole process of the calibration, it will be automatically terminated or the motor will be terminated within the time set by default, and the calibration will be performed again after the default setting time (until the calibration is performed). ), and the amplitude is not large (≤2Kg); 4) Sound and light alarm function: including illegal intrusion and adding alarm; 5) Anti-shock effect, the wing door will be automatically locked when it does not receive the opening data signal; 6) Synchronous function of crawler chassis of intelligent channel gate; 7) It has the function of automatic calibration. After the gate is opened, if the intelligent wing gate fails to pass within the required time, the system software will automatically revoke the management authority of this pass, and the standard is automatic calibration within 5 seconds after opening;


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