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company news about Pedestrian passage speed gate, wing gate, swing gate difference?

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Pedestrian passage speed gate, wing gate, swing gate difference?
Latest company news about Pedestrian passage speed gate, wing gate, swing gate difference?

We divide the entrance and exit gates into two categories: pedestrian gates and vehicle gates. This article introduces the pedestrian gates as an example to give you a detailed explanation. Pedestrian access gates are most representative of speed gates, swing gates, and wing gates. Among them, speed gates have the highest quality and the most fine workmanship, and swing gates and wing gates are slightly inferior in quality. The gate and wing gate are slightly higher. When we are choosing an access gate, we need to decide which pedestrian gate to choose according to its different usage scenarios, environments, needs and other factors.



latest company news about Pedestrian passage speed gate, wing gate, swing gate difference?  0


The following is a brief introduction to the functions and characteristics of different pedestrian access gates. If you want to know the price of the channel wing gate, you must distinguish the type of gate. Different types of gates, the quality of their workmanship, the difference in the movement, and the difference in the plate directly affect the price. In addition, fluctuations in market prices will also have a certain impact on product prices.


The speed gate is controlled by authorization to restrict the entry and exit of personnel, and uses a complex anti-trailing tracking control technology, which can quickly and accurately determine whether someone is following or not. The speed gate manufacturer strictly prevents unauthorized personnel from entering, and then realize Carry out strict and effective management of the personnel coming and going, and truly realize the security and security functions of the access door.


Swing gates can be used both indoors and outdoors. Exquisite design, used in office buildings, buildings and other places, it looks more high-end atmosphere. In addition, it is also suitable for occasions where the width of the aisle is relatively wide, including occasions where there are many pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and packages, and the passage for people with disabilities. It is also suitable for occasions that require high aesthetics. Such as community schools, scenic spots, ports, airports, stations, etc.


How did the wing gate get its name? In fact, it is basically composed of the main box and movable wings. The shape is like an eagle with its wings spread out, so it is called wing gate; it has the function of blocking (dissuading) unauthorized personnel, so it is also called gate; the advantage is that it runs fast. , luxurious atmosphere, the disadvantage is that the passage is narrow for pedestrians to pass through. The market is changing, and the price will change accordingly. There is no fixed price, only good quality.

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