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company news about Outdoor double door interlocking swing gate all

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Outdoor double door interlocking swing gate all
Latest company news about Outdoor double door interlocking swing gate all

At present, double-door interlocking swing gates are mainly used in airports and customs, and are rarely used in residential areas. Although they all use double-door interlocking swing gates, they will be different in different application places. So, what is the double-door interlocking swing gate applied to the residential area? What kind of pedestrian access management problem can it help us solve?


latest company news about Outdoor double door interlocking swing gate all  0


First of all, let's take a look at other types of turnstiles used in residential areas to better understand the difference between double-door interlocking swing gates and them.

In the past, single-door swing gates, three-roller gates, and full-height turnstiles were often used in residential areas. These three have their own advantages and disadvantages. The single-door swing gate can be shared by people and vehicles, but for the protection of pedestrians, when a trailing person is detected, the door swing will not force the door to close to prevent the trailing person from being hit. There is only enough space between the two poles of the three roller gate to accommodate one person, which can completely prevent tailgating, but it is not so convenient for people with children, and non-motor vehicles cannot pass. Single-door swing gates and three-roller gates with a height to the waist cannot prevent overturning, and are not suitable for use in unattended places. The full-height turnstile can be unattended from the structural design, but its "envelopement" makes people feel unfriendly and friendly.


What are the pain points in the management of pedestrian entrances and exits in the community?

The main users of community gates include owners, tenants, visitors, courier/takeaway personnel, property management personnel, etc. These users have different permissions to enter the community, and users may bring children, push strollers, carry luggage, ride bicycles, push small In the case of trucks, different types of turnstiles are applicable depending on the situation. For all personnel entering and leaving the community, the community property management needs to record in order to form a data-based, queryable and traceable management, but if the community implements pure manual management, this cannot be achieved, and the efficiency of manual management Low cost and high labor cost. The manual management method has a relatively low security level, and it is impossible to accurately identify the identities of the people coming and going, and there are certain security risks.



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