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company news about Must see: Turnstile installation plan

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Must see: Turnstile installation plan
Latest company news about Must see: Turnstile installation plan

How to install the turnstile? As a person who wants to install the gate, do you have this question? The gate installation process is mainly divided into three parts: line pre-embedding, fixed gate, and controller wiring. Let’s learn more about it with me below.


一. Line pre-buried:

1. Determine the position of the chassis according to the customer's requirements, select the best routing path between the center point of the fixed position of the chassis and the control room, and pre-bury or excavate the cable trench.

2. Put an appropriate diameter conduit (PVC pipe or steel pipe) in the dug line trench, and pass through the power line and control line required by the equipment (control line includes: manual button line 3 cores, RS485 communication signal line 3 cores). If the distance is far, the power line and the control line must be routed separately (the distance between the two pipes should be more than 50CM).

3. Connect an 8-core connection line between the two turnstiles.

4. After all the lines are laid, it is best to bury the concrete after the debugging is successful.


二. Fixed turnstile:

1. Power on the two gates first to make the gates run to the closed state, then align the gates of the two gates so that the gates are on the same straight line, and the distance between the gates is 3CM to 5CM

3. Need to test whether the infrared is aligned, and wait for all functions to be debugged

4. Mark the center of the screw hole of the base and the edge of the chassis base on the ground, then remove the chassis, and use a drill to drill vertical holes in the marked screw holes. The size and depth should meet the requirements of the expansion screws. Move to the original position, drive in the expansion screw and tighten the screw

三. Power on the gate: Before powering on, carefully check each terminal of the main board of the gate for looseness, ensure that the mechanical parts are not stuck, operate flexibly, whether the equipment is firmly grounded, whether there is a short circuit, etc., and then power on after confirming that it is correct.


四. Function debugging:

1. This gate is a two-way normally closed gate. It is externally connected with incoming card swiping signal and outgoing card swiping signal.

2. When there is no card swiping signal, it will alarm when pedestrians enter from the incoming direction. Similarly, when there is no card swiping signal, it will alarm when pedestrians enter from the outgoing direction 3. Pedestrian swiping card pass: the opening of the gate is delayed, and the gate will be closed when pedestrians pass within the set passing time. If the pedestrian still does not pass after the time limit, the gate will be closed. When someone enters in the opposite direction, the gate will be closed immediately and an alarm will be issued. If someone or an object is on the central anti-pinch infrared, beyond the closing delay, an alarm will be issued but the gate will not be closed to avoid unnecessary damage.

4. If two people are too close to each other when passing, they will be treated as one person, depending on the time limit.

5. Automatic detection: When encountering an object blocking, it will automatically detect 5 times, then stop blocking the direction, and give the same direction signal again, then the gate will return to normal. If the zero position cannot be found at the beginning of power-on, the gate will be checked 5 times, and after 5 checks, it will stop operating to avoid damage to the gate parts;

6. The speed of the gate switch is adjustable. See the parameter setting for details.

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