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company news about Introduction of full height turnstiles?

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Introduction of full height turnstiles?
Latest company news about Introduction of full height turnstiles?

The turnstile has an automatic reset function. When the brake lever is unlocked, it rotates 120 degrees/90 degrees, that is, it automatically resets (locks). Or when there is no passage within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the access authority of the turnstile user for this time and automatically close (lock), the delay is adjustable in 2S, 5S, 10S, 60S.


latest company news about Introduction of full height turnstiles?  0


Anti-shock function, when no signal to open the gate is received, the fence pole is automatically locked; Anti-tailing function, turn 120 degrees/90 degrees by one person, and automatically lock; Automatic normally open function when power off to meet the requirements of fire management; It can be connected with a variety of card reading devices to receive relay switch signals; One-way, two-way traffic function, one-way or two-way control personnel entry and exit; Using the optical working principle, there is no delay requirement for the input control signal, absolutely avoid the phenomenon of swiping a card and passing several people; The external button can realize the left and right normally open function; The external button can realize the function of uninterrupted power supply;


Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer (to be customized); The control board can be connected with an external counting function to record the number of people present, and realize the forward plus and reverse minus functions (to be customized).


Full height turnstile

Turnstiles are mainly divided into full-height turnstiles, half-height turnstiles, and then there are one-way turnstiles, 90° turnstiles, 120° turnstiles, and so on. Characteristics of turnstiles Turnstiles are suitable for strict control areas, which can effectively prevent climbing and drilling. Mainly used in special places: prisons, railway stations, stations.

The full-height turnstile is suitable for strict control areas, which can effectively prevent climbing, overrunning, and when the passers-by pass through the turnstile, the turnstile controlled by the management authority can refuse the entry of persons without permission, such as allowing the passage through the permission, rotating The gate will automatically release.

At present, the main application places of full-height turnstiles include: prisons, banks in military management areas, and factories with very strict access management (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The mechanical part of the equipment includes an emergency control device. When the power is cut off, the central arm can rotate freely to ensure the passage is unobstructed; it meets the fire protection requirements and automatically locks when the power is turned on. It can be applied to all building environments, and can solve all control problems of pedestrian entrances and exits. It can control whether the gate is locked or unlocked at any time. There are up to 20 signal interfaces, which is convenient for users to expand functions.

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