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company news about Intelligent access control management system unlocks intelligent community

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Intelligent access control management system unlocks intelligent community
Latest company news about Intelligent access control management system unlocks intelligent community

Facial recognition technology continues to advance, with ever-increasing accuracy and speed. Smart community can provide accurate face recognition system, which is widely used in community and access control. The face recognition access control system makes community management more humane, and the intelligent access control system is the first gate of a smart community. Moreover, this "black technology" is applied to our community, and users can directly "swipe their faces" to go home.

Intelligent entrance and exit management is an inevitable demand of social development. On the one hand, it is the inevitable result of technological development. On the other hand, the steady improvement of intelligent life is also a demand for current management. The intelligent access control channel management system combined with the turnstile can quickly solve the difficult problem of entrance and exit management, not only in the indoor environment of office buildings, but also in the outdoor environment of gates such as school industrial parks.


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Main functions in the application of intelligent access control channel management system

Unauthorized user alarm function

If outsiders or other people with cards but without authorization enter the gate channel, a warning will be issued after the gate is detected, prompting the responsible management personnel, and the image information of the passing personnel will be captured at the same time. It can effectively prevent the entry of non-reserved and unauthorized outsiders. At the same time, the gate system has the function of preventing tailgating, and one person passes at a time, so as to strictly prevent sticking.


Gate fast pass function

When there are many people passing through the entrance and exit, the smart gate can use non-inductive recognition to achieve fast passage and prevent congestion.

Real-time information display function

When people pass through the gate, the access control gate system can be connected to the large screen to display the job number, image, department and other information of the passers-by (employees, teachers and students, etc.), and the processing speed is relatively fast.


It is understood that in order to facilitate the rapid entry and exit of the residents of this community, the system automatically calls the health code data verification through face recognition, and identifies the code color status of the entering and exiting personnel in real time. Residents no longer need to take out their mobile phones to scan codes for verification when entering and exiting, which brings great convenience to residents, especially the elderly, while ensuring safety and prevention. The management personnel of the community enter the face information of the residents of the community in advance in the access control system. Unauthorized outsiders cannot enter and exit at will through face recognition. The red code is an early warning and restricted access.


At the same time, community governance is smarter. When people enter and leave the community, the smart access control system will automatically read their identity information and summarize and form records in the background. It not only facilitates the community administrators to grasp the entry and exit of residents and outsiders in the community, but also enhances the management of community staff on the prevention and control of the source of the epidemic.


The intelligent property management platform is an overall digital and intelligent service solution for property companies independently developed by the company. It focuses on improving the quality of basic property services, creating a cloud platform with more secure information, more standard services, and easier operation, and quickly realizes intelligence. Property services, improve owner satisfaction, and build a large ecosystem of community services.


latest company news about Intelligent access control management system unlocks intelligent community  1

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