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company news about Installation steps of face recognition access control equipment

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Installation steps of face recognition access control equipment
Latest company news about Installation steps of face recognition access control equipment

1. Wiring

The face recognition access control can control the opening and closing of the door. The first thing to do is wiring. No matter which company's equipment, it is roughly divided into 3 types of lines, namely: power line, door opening line, and network cable. The network line can be connected or not. If not, you need to manually configure the wireless network. Find the wire that controls the door opening on the existing access control system, use a wire stripper to cut off the wire, and then connect it to the terminal provided for you. Connect the positive and negative poles to the IO port and GND port of the face recognition access control device respectively. For details, please refer to the interface diagram in the product manual. Reminder: Generally, the black of the wire is the negative pole, and the red is the positive pole. The wire that controls the opening of the door on the access control system is usually on the power box or the access control switch. If you choose to install on the wall, it is recommended that the bottom of the access control device be between 1.3m-1.4m from the ground. In order to make the installation more beautiful, you can choose to use the open line of the open groove or the hidden line of the hidden groove.


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2. Networking

After the installation is successful, you need to start the network first. If you choose to access the network cable, you can skip the step of connecting to the network. Open the settings panel of the facial recognition device, and double-click the screen.


3. Activate the configuration After the preliminary work is ready, we need to activate the device. Register an account, and after obtaining authorization, you can scan the QR code on the device to activate, and the system will automatically bind the device to your account. Log in to the background management interface of the device, and perform some basic information settings, such as device information settings, authorization group settings, attendance rule settings, function module installation, personnel grouping, etc.


4. Face registration When you have set up your account information similarly, you can start face entry, so that the face recognition access control device can know who is who. You can manually enter online through the background management interface, or you can choose to send a QR code or link to others to complete the face information entry on the mobile phone.


5. Use After the face is entered and passed the review in the background, the system will synchronize the face database in the cloud to the local device, and wait for the data synchronization to be successful before entering and exiting and checking attendance. Doorway 100% recommends that you do not install it yourself if you do not have professional skills, so as to avoid problems, especially adding various access controls to the automatic door, because if the installation is not done properly, other failures will occur on the automatic door.

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